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Shadow Silverleaf
Turq ara Lyban

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Arlsyn's date today is:Aug 23rd 2018AD

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Latest Novel Posting:

2018-07-24 18:54:10 Ice and Fire, Blood and Lightning by Gatekeeper
2018-07-24 19:00:38 Sounding the Retreat by Gatekeeper
2018-07-24 19:01:41 *Making Them Proud by Gatekeeper
2018-07-24 19:02:33 Untangling the Threads by Gatekeeper
2018-07-24 19:28:27 Wounded Soul by Gatekeeper
2018-07-24 19:28:57 Knowledge isn't Always Enough by Gatekeeper
2018-07-24 19:29:32 Jealousy and Jewels by Gatekeeper
2018-07-24 19:31:03 What They Have to Work With by Gatekeeper
2018-07-24 19:34:10 For No One is Promised Tomorrow by Gatekeeper
2018-07-24 19:34:47 The Dragon and the Enchantress by Gatekeeper
2018-07-24 19:35:15 The Best Kind of Healing by Gatekeeper
2018-07-24 19:35:54 Nightmares of Death by Gatekeeper
2018-07-24 19:37:47 More Determination Than Brains by Gatekeeper
2018-07-24 19:38:22 More Than They Bargained For by Gatekeeper
2018-07-24 19:39:26 Facing the Music by Gatekeeper
2018-07-24 19:40:43 Calling for Reinforcements by Gatekeeper
2018-07-24 19:41:54 Explanations by Gatekeeper
2018-07-24 19:43:27 Complicated Family History by Gatekeeper
2018-07-24 19:43:57 Adjusting by Gatekeeper
2018-10-14 20:26:48 A Choice is Made by Melaina Raven
Latest Story Board Posting:

There are story board posts for this novel yet.
Latest Planning Board Posting:

2019-07-02 00:15:16 RE: Planning: Shattered Rest by Shadow Silverleaf
2019-07-12 23:29:02 SR: Anyone else? by Shadow Silverleaf
2019-07-13 00:37:37 RE: SR: Anyone else? by Silverthorn
2019-07-14 20:20:22 RE: SR: Anyone else? by Shadow Silverleaf
2019-07-15 00:21:30 RE: SR: Anyone else? by Silverthorn
2019-07-15 18:29:46 RE: SR: Anyone else? by Melaina Raven
2019-07-20 02:23:44 Arlsyn is celebrating it's 1st anniversary at Pan! by Harlequin
2019-07-20 04:25:36 SR: Update 20th July 2019 by Silverthorn
2019-08-09 00:40:29 SR: Update 9th August 2019 by Silverthorn
2019-08-18 01:31:21 SR: Update 18th August 2019 by Silverthorn

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