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Feb 2018
Best Dressed Novel Award
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Texas. Land of red dirt roads, bluebells, football, oil fields, and cattle ranches... But there's far more beneath the surface. From Galveston to El Paso, Corpus Christie to Dallas, Texas dirt is saturated with blood and sweat and tears of those who lived and died in her dusty fields.

But it's not just history... Even now, in some parts of Texas, there are places you don't ever want to go. Or maybe you do, but you won't come back the same... if at all.

Welcome to Texas.

Lone Star Hauntings is a work of fiction. While we do research and much of our material is grounded in reality, we can and do take liberties with that for the sake of plot and story. Characters are all fictional and any resemblance to actual persons is wholly unintentional.

The Members of the Board are pleased to announce Chapter 9, which takes place in Eagle Pass, is complete. Chapter 11 will take us down to Gonzales to the JA Goodnight for a B-Movie inspired adventure. Chapter 12 takes us out to Beaumont for a puzzling mystery on the Gulf of Mexico. Chapter 13 takes us back to the Houston area for a fun weekend of music and mudbugs in Old Town Spring.

Interested in hanging around awhile? Maybe going a little deeper down the rabbit hole? Wanting to hang your hat in Texas?

A click to the smaller postcards below will take you directly to each completed chapter. The largest postcard will be the chapter currently being written.

Lone Star Hauntings's date today is:Aug 10th 2013AD

Further Information:

Eyes of Texas:  Congratulations and thank you for helping us keep LSH on the...View
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2020-08-08 01:13:39 Planning and Plotting II: Chapter 13: Update 8th August 2020 by Rita Gabriel
2020-08-09 05:40:47 Planning and Plotting II: Chapter 13: Update 9th August 2020 by Rita Gabriel

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