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At Writer's Muses, there are dialogue prompts, quote prompts, picture and lyric prompts as well as roleplay and mun prompts.

We even have prompts to help you dig deep into your characters and show us things that you might not have thought about before.

Our goal is to give you the widest variety of quality writing prompts that inspire you to show up at the page.

This novel is open to all fandoms. Characters and Muses can be Real Person muses , TV, movie, comic book fandoms, literature, historical characters, and especially Original Characters are all acceptable.

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Writer's Muses's date today is:Apr 14th 0AD

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Monster Hunter Alchemist:  I'm enjoying my time in this novel. It's helped me in many w...View
Fanny Fae:  We have comments! I absolutely am thrilled we now have a co...View
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2021-02-15 15:11:22 2.2 - The Taste Of Sorrow by Ares
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2021-04-06 17:15:30 124.6 - Constantine by Larisa Novikov
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