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Have you got a story that's not ready for it's own novel yet? Or an open story that anyone who wishes can join in just for fun? This is the place for it! Please ask a MoB to set up a thread for you.

This is where you'll find the games, trivia, competitions and social threads. You can also post ideas for new novels here.

Suggestions for improving the Zone or genre, advertisments for your novel, want ads for writing partners and discussion threads.

Zone : Science Fiction's date today is:Dec 11th 2018AD

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Nix:  Wow, Blast from the past indeed, that was this incarnation's...View
Zoe A Washburne:  Thank you for featuring me on your DJ this month!...View
Capt Malcom Reynolds:  We thank you kindly for making Firefly the Featured Novel fo...View
Wendel:  Love "The Thing" DJ Mal...View
Faylinn:  Lovely DJ Mal...View
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