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Welcome to Zone: Contemporary, your home on PanHistoria for novels with modern settings.

If you're new to PanHistoria, please say hi and make yourself at home.

Zone Contemporary has several Boards for you to play on:

Got a novel idea, but aren't ready to purchase a novel, or just want to have fun? The Novel Boards are the place for you. Please don't start your own thread here. If you have an idea for a novel, open to all, on the novel boards, please share your idea here first.

A variety of activities from seasonal games, to ongoing games such as the Never-Ending Book Game and Pop Culture Trivia. You can also place ads for your novels here.

Pitch a new novel idea or check out the latest ideas, advertise for writers or writing partners, or check out any announcements you might have missed on the planning boards.

Stories in the Now

Lily Bennett

Things Done in Secret by Makiadi in The Ties That Bind

Zone : Contemporary's date today is:Apr 14th 2010AD

Further Information:

Katheryn dEllesmera:  It is. Our genre's gone a bit quiet, and with the chaos I'm...View
Thomas Keene:  Oops! 2013 sorry. Still It's kinda sad......View
Thomas Keene:  Nobody has posted here since 2012?????? ...View
Katheryn dEllesmera:  Ooops... I should probably apologize for leaving the Holiday...View
Katheryn dEllesmera:  I fully blame Alexandre for the DJ.... And is it just me or ...View
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