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Character: Jolyon

Login Post: Reluctant to Return by Honey Lucifer


The Crystal Spider - Krull: The Crystal spider is a gigantic spider that lives in a giant web surrounding The Widow Of The Web. It attempts to kill (and devour) Ynyr during his attempt to reach The Widow and find out where the Black Fortress will rise. Ynyr uses The Widow's Sands Of Time to make him invulnerable to the beast, but upon escaping looks back and witnesses the Spider breaking into the Widow's home, to have its last meal.

Aragog - Harry Potter: An Acromantula owned by Rubeus Hagrid. Like the rest of his species, Aragog had a taste for human flesh and was able to communicate with humans. In his youth, he was the size of a Pekingese and near the end of his life was about the size of a small elephant with an eighteen-foot leg span.

Aragog had a wife, Mosag, and was the leader of a large Acromantula colony composed of all of his sons and daughters. During his life, Aragog was accused of being Slytherin's Monster, although this was really a basilisk. Ironically, all spiders fear the basilisk. After Aragog died, some of his venom was taken by Horace Slughorn and was most likely sold later on.

Shelob - Lord of the Rings: Like most spiders, Shelob had spindly legs, multiple eyes, and venomous chelicerae. She usually immobilized her prey with her paralyzing sting that enabled her to feed on her victims at her leisure, but could also crush her prey to death by swiftly dropping on them. Her head was cris-crossed with scars and she had a number of missing eyes. The Orcs comment she usually would paralyze her victims and trap them in webs, keeping them alive for some time before killing them.

Zone : Fantasy's date today is:Nov 14th 2016AD

Further Information:

Calliope:  The DJ is always gorgeous, and fun! Great work!...View
Jake Mitchell:  Fantastic Halloween DJ Faylinn, I love your work...View
Wendel:  Lovely DJ Faylinn...View
Lady Althea:  Beautiful Dust Jacket! ...View
Faylinn:  Thank you Katia *S*...View
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