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Zone : Fantasy Novel

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Panda Bronze Medal

What is Fantasy? The dictionary gives us this:

[ˈfan(t)əsē] NOUN: the faculty or activity of imagining things, especially things that are impossible or improbable.

Here in Zone Fantasy, the only thing that we cannot do is whatever particular thing it might be that we have not yet imagined....

If you have an idea for a novel you want to try out or a place to start your own story, you can request a thread on the Novel Boards. All we ask is that you don't create your own thread here - please contact a MoB to set one up or post your interest here on the Planning Boards.

Here you can find a variety of social activities open to all. Challenges, contests, and a list of past and present featured characters and novels in the genre.

Monthly Featureds
Fantasy Books, Movies, and Games

This is where you can suggest new topics, pitch story ideas, or advertise for writers for your novel. You can also find announcements for Fantasy - new Novels, Reference Books, or just genre news.

Please do not start your own topics or threads! There is a topic on the Planning Boards to request or suggest topics, or contact a MoB.

Got a new Fantasy Novel Idea? Pitch it Here
Recruiting Writers for your Novel? Advertise here
Looking for a Fantasy Writing Partner?
Advertise your Novel, Story or Reference Book here

Zone : Fantasy's date today is:Sep 29th 2020AD

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