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What is Action?

Fast-paced. Exciting. Adventurous.

Cliff-hangers. Nail-biters. Thrilling.

That's what you can expect in ACTION.

The Novel Boards: The Anthologies - a place for action stories open to all writers who wish to participate.

The Story Boards: The social hub - chat, discussion, introductions.

The Planning Boards: Planning, new ideas, contest ideas, requests for ads, thoughts on improving the genre, etc.

REMINDER: Please do not start your own threads. There is a topic on the Planning Boards for requesting new ones.

Zone : Action's date today is:Apr 14th

Further Information:

Tanith Sand:  Thank you to Anne du Plessis-Bellieres for the super-cute mo...View
Lara Connor:  Thanks to Katheryn D'Ellesmera for December's Action badges!...View
Lara Connor:  Thanks Brame for the awesome new graphics!...View
Ziyi Shang:  Thanks Zone: Action for the new action novel! *s* We will be...View
Miss White:  Happy Christmas all you Actionistas!...View
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