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Welcome To Zone : Other
For the general discussion of Other works of fiction, The Other Genre, and the social hub of The Other Genre at Pan Historia.

"Zones" are genre novels designed for everyone to join so that they can talk about, show appreciation for, and generally chat about their favorite genre.

What is The Other Genre?

The Other Genre is a collection of novels, reference books, and discussions that defy a single categorization or Genre. Here you will find the gems which are unique and do not fit into a tidy category.

Use your Zone to make your genre a success.

Admission is open and automatic, but please do not create new topics without discussing it with one of your Zone leaders.
Thanks and welcome to The Other Genre!


The Zone has three boards. Each of the boards has its own use:
  1. The Novel Boards: The Anthologies - stories not yet ready for prime time, either solo or with a group of writers.
  2. The Story Boards: The social hub - chat, discussion, introductions.
  3. The Planning Boards: Planning, new ideas, contest ideas, want ads, thoughts on improving the genre, etc.

REMINDER: Please do not start your own topics. There is a topic on the Planning Boards to request or suggest topics.

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Zone : Other's date today is:Sep 29th 2011AD

Further Information:

If you haven't created a character for this novel, you will only be able to read the novel. You must be contributing character before you can add to the story

Latest Novel Posting:

2016-07-14 06:17:17 The Rising Phoenix Mystery - Crossing a name off the list by Miss Marple
2016-07-14 17:43:35 Would you like some tea? by Yama Kaida
2016-07-15 06:37:43 The Rising Phoenix Mystery--no further forward by Miss Marple
2016-07-17 05:12:12 The Rising Phoenix Mystery - Encounter At The Park by Cmdr Casey Taylor
2016-07-17 17:12:30 The Rising Phoenix Mystery - Poirot thinks a thought by Sky
2016-07-17 17:50:19 The Rising Phoenix Mystery -Are there no normal blondes in this town? by Miss Marple
2016-07-18 10:39:33 The Rising Phoenix Mystery - Bevy Of Blondes by Ilia de Tourvel
2016-07-18 10:41:03 The Rising Phoenix Mystery - Poirot returns by Sky
2016-07-22 16:10:22 The Rising Phoenix Mystery - Japp identifies the victim by Sky
2016-07-22 17:00:46 The Rising Phoenix Mystery - The List by Sky
2016-07-26 06:34:45 The Rising Phoenix Mystery --At Mrs Tiddlywink's B & B by Miss Marple
2016-07-26 07:06:58 The Rising Phoenix Mystery - Poirot Springs into action by Sky
2016-07-26 09:53:21 The Rising Phoenix Mystery - The Rooms of Skyclad Niall by Sky
2016-07-27 06:45:43 The Rising Phoenix Mystery - Finding Skyclad by Sky
2016-07-27 07:09:46 The Rising Phoenix Mystery - Impressions of Skyclad by Sky
2016-07-28 13:39:22 The Rising Phoenix Mystery - Mrs. Cobb by Sky
2016-08-01 15:06:04 The Rising Phoenix Mystery - Marigold's testimony for The Butler by Marigold Mathis DeSoto
2016-08-04 06:22:35 The Rising Phoenix Mystery - Mr. Cobb by Sky
2016-08-08 03:20:48 The Rising Phoenix Mystery - The Chauffeur's Alibi by Aspasia Sappho
2016-08-11 13:25:47 Raymond was distraught by Miss Marple
Latest Story Board Posting:

2016-06-07 10:33:30 Fun Stuff to Do This Weekend by Wyatt Earp
2016-10-24 17:36:21 Get Your Monster On by Wyatt Earp
2018-03-27 06:41:36 Funky Monkey Writing Contest by Ilia de Tourvel
2018-04-04 14:18:20 The Maltese Funky Monkeys by Sky
2018-04-05 11:53:03 Doctor Weissman’s Miracle by The Remains
2018-04-06 00:59:59 The Box in the Attic by Antonia
2018-04-07 17:23:09 The Adventures of Riboflavin and Niacin - The Forest by Skyclad Niall
2018-04-08 05:09:20 Monkey Business by Goth Girl
2018-04-13 23:23:00 A Sock Monkey is Born by Rebecca Barnes
2018-04-14 03:44:13 Nikko the Flying (sock) Monkey by Liaus Horatius
Latest Planning Board Posting:

2019-07-29 13:28:38 RE: ~*~News And Announcements!~*~ Zone Other Banner's by Ilia de Tourvel
2019-08-01 09:43:25 August Features! by Ilia de Tourvel
2019-10-01 10:16:12 October Features! by Ilia de Tourvel
2020-06-03 05:26:32 There is no Other way to say it.. come to the Parade by Clio
2020-06-04 05:30:34 One way or the other--participate in the 15th annual parade by Clio
2020-06-04 15:04:09 You Know You Wanna Join the Parade...Get Your Templates Here ! by Korvus Korax
2020-06-05 05:45:57 Other information for the 15th annual parade by Clio
2020-06-05 08:04:38 You Know You Wanna Join the Parade...Get Your Templates Here ! by Korvus Korax
2020-06-06 08:12:19 You Know You Wanna Join the Parade...Get Your Templates Here ! by Korvus Korax
2020-06-07 04:05:53 You Know You Wanna Join the Parade...Get Your Templates Here ! by Korvus Korax

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