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Calina fata lui Bogdan
Brianna TelQuessir

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Welcome to Zone Horror, the home of the horror genre on Pan Historia.

Here you'll find stories of the supernatural and the unnatural. Ghosts, vampires, were-creatures, zombies, and more subtle terrors await you.

Join a novel or start a new one. If you have an idea for a new novel in the horror genre pitch your idea here & see who dares join you.

Visit our Novel Board for contests and activities, or request a thread to start your own story not yet ready for its own novel. All novels on the novel board must be open to any interested writers. You'll also find some of our previous writing contests and genre activities.

The Story Boards are host to Horror Trivia, the Horror Survival Guide, and you can read entries and winners in other horror zone sponsored contests.

At the Planning Boards you can promote your novel, look for a writing partner, and catch up on horror announcements.

Zone : Horror's date today is:Mar 25th

Further Information:

Jessie Dodd:  Love Oct 2012's feature badges I always new you couldn't tru...View
Jalena Bey:  LOOOOOVE the creepy pinhead heart DJ! Awesomeness personifie...View
Salome Valmonte:  Bee-autiful DJ!!!. Salome xx...View
Michael Oliva:  Great looking DJ!...View
Brame:  Thanks to Beata for the new horror DJ....View
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