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July 2011
The Diamond Jubilee
The Diamond Jubilee

In Asylum... On a distant planet, life is about to change radically..... What if you just heard that your planet is in trouble? Real, dangerous trouble? Would you flee to the stars, taking with you everything you hold dear? Well that is just what the people wanted to do, except for one small problem. There wasn't enough ships to transport them all. Not even half of man's population reached the stars. Billions of lives left behind. Abandoned by their governments and left to the religious leaders that stayed behind to offer guidance. It is these leaders that uncover information about a portal and recruit the best that Earth has to offer to find this portal. Where does it go? Will it be their salvation or their damnation? Only a few will survive, and their lives are still in doubt....

In The Chateau . The Mistress of the City, Ksuyeya, resides in the Chateau. From her blood soaked throne, she rules over all the vampires in the city and has blood arrangements with many of the wereanimals. Ulfric Damian, the werewolf King, is bound to her power. Together they are one of the strongest creatures in Paris. But present day Paris is far from just the play ground for werewolves and vampires. For lurking in ever shadow is a wereanimal or creature straight out of myth and lore. It is a time when magic is no more but power is everything.

Bound Together is a private story written by Samuel Aaron Meir and Joi Engstrom. Please contact them with any questions or comments.




The content on Tempest's Sanctuary is intended to be a unique material of each author, except where otherwise stated.

Tempest's Sanctuary's date today is:Nov 13th 1890AD

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