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London, 1888

Welcome to the darker side of London. The Victorian Era is in full blossom and city streets are crowded with carriages and vendors selling their wares. But this isn't the London that Dickens told you about. In Behind the Velvet Curtains the past is just now unfolding... where will you fit in?

Evil has found a home in 19th century London, drawn here by the immorality of it's own people. It has become a place where demons walk among men, and vampires dine on decadence and human flesh. A place where dark rituals are performed behind velvet curtains and where a man who will soon be dubbed "Jack The Ripper" has just begun to acquire his own lust for blood. Only a handful of the city's citizens are aware of the darkness that has begun to surround them, and all have proven, thus far, to be powerless to stop it. Will you join them in their fight? Or is yours a path of darkness? Be you villain or victim, you are most welcome here.

Dare you venture Behind the Velvet Curtains into the terrifying world that awaits?

This novel contains violence, adult language, horror, references to the occult and sexual situations and is intended only for those 17 years or older. If you are under the age of 17 or are easily offended by such material we suggest that you not apply for or read this story.

This story is set in a unique Gothic venue first established in the vampire tale told at Crimson Kiss. If you want to learn more about the unique nature of our world, then read VAMPIRES at Behind the Velvet Curtains.

Behind The Velvet Curtains's date today is:Apr 14th 1888

Further Information:

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