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Feb 2013
The Diamond Jubilee
The Diamond Jubilee

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This is alternative History. Hitler has been defeated after two years, and his rule is over.World War II has ended by 1942, and Europe is stable
But the country is threatened by the danger of spies who work for Russia
The Cambridge circle are part of the Establishment, and a danger to Britain
The Cold War has begun but other players may arrive.

Please observe the rating of this novel -R- which allows some adult material.
Explicit sex scenes and scenes of drug use are absent and nudity, if present, is seen only briefly.

Violence does not exceed moderate levels.

In order to keep the novel organized, please do not create any new threads. If you would like a new thread created please speak with one of the Board Members first

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    SIR TERRANCE MARBURY (KBE, GM) - born December 2, 1898 - the only surviving son of Robert and Daphne Marbury, Gryffon Hall, near Bolton, Norfolk. Worked as instructor at the Royal Academy of Performing Arts. Promoted to full professor in 1939. Knighted during this time, supposedly for his dedication to the theatre, but the details are actually classified. It is thought that Sir Terrance was active in MI5 during recent conflicts, but has not been confirmed.

    ALEXEI BALASHENKO (GCVO, Ph.D candidate at Cambridge) - born November 16th, 1924, Russia. A gifted musician and singer, the arts have dominated his life and he has become a Principal Tutor at the Royal Academy of Performing Arts in London.
    His work as a Resistance worker during the last War, can only be guessed at, still classified. Fluent in Russian, German, and English, Alexei became naturalised in 1925. He married Bella (Jennings) in 1941 and they lived in Chelsea, London.

    BELLA BALASHENKO, nee Jennings; born in Worthing, Sussex, 1920; educated,Grammer school/secretarial college. Bella worked as a clerical secretary which hid her life as a worker for the Resistance and the English Government. During this time, she met Alexei BALASHENKO, also working undercover. Married Alexei in 1941. Ben Greeley, employed her as his designer and assistant. Bella became a skilled costume designer, and teaches part time at the Royal Academy of Performing Arts. .

    BEN GREELEY - born April 17, 1891, London - Started up Greeley and Hayes, Theatre Emporium, in 1919 with Tim Hayes. Ben has met many colourful figures over the years. Again, possible connections to MI5.He employs Bella Balashenko as a costume designer and assistant. Sometimes, he asked Bella to undertake more dangerous tasks.

    Graf Sylvester von HOHENLOHE - Born in Germany, in 1892. B. S., Magna cum Laude in Economics, University of T´┐Żbingen, 1916. M. S., University of Heidelberg, 1934. Guest lecturer for King's College, London, and Oxford University. A conscientious objector, stayed in Britain on uneasy terms during the Occupation and helped the Resistance. Divides his time between his estate in Hesse and Rochester in Kent. A much loved benefactor and friend to Alexei and Bella Balashenko.

    A Scent of Mystery's date today is:Apr 14th 1950

    Further Information:

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