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Panda Bronze Medal

This novel is a place for discovery of inner truths.

The writing here should be introspective and highly personal.

In fact, it is not a "novel" in the usual sense, involving interactions among myriad characters within a few shared themes or common locations.

Instead, here is an anthology of varied stories threads, each with its own unique characters, locale, era and plot.

But they all have one thing in common.

The stories all tell of adult relationships found only in the writers' fantasies, never in their realities.

Naturally, being about such relationships, each thread will usually involve only two writers, although given the theme of this project, some stories will necessarily require more than two.

It all depends upon the nature of each thread's writers' secret dreams and suppressed desires.

But please, do not misunderstand. This is not a place for writing "dirty" stories. This is an exploration of "forbidden" relationships. While it will necessarily involve some narration of actions and sensations, the primary focus should be upon perceptions and emotions.

In other words, this novel is a place for
discovery of inner truths.

A New World's date today is:Feb 11th 0000-00-000000-00-00

Further Information:

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