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The Western Trail - Out of Print Novel

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Wanted Poster by Cherokee Wells

S-qui-ya wa-do'
Very many thanks!

Action in Texas and the Trail centers around the Oakley family and their religious convictions as applied to the rough and tumble old west ranching and cattle driving. In Dodge City the structure is a little looser. Think "Gunsmoke" and old TV westerns, circa 1875.
If you ever wanted to be in the old West and on a cattle drive, working in a saloon, helping with the cattle, or just riding along as an observer (not a chance!), come on and join us. Only reporters are allowed to just observe and they have to carry water every evening when the drive stops for the night. *g*




In addition to PanHistoria novel guidelines, please keep in mind that this is a PG-rated novel and that condition will be strictly enforced. Read the ratings guidelines very carefully. Suggested violence and hardships on the trail, as well as romance will be acceptable, but blatant sexual innuendo will not. Be guided pretty much by Victorian standards of the day. We won't shoot you or nuthin' like that, but a MOB will ask you to please change any writing which does not comply with PG rating standards. Most importantly enjoy !!

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The Western Trail - Out of Print's date today is:Apr 10th 1876Wild West

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