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We are a novel based around historical role-play and discussion of the turbulent Amarna period of Ancient Egyptian history. The period produced some of the most famous Egyptians; counting among their ranks Tutankhamen, Nefertiti, and of course, Akhenaten.

We currently have four role-play threads.

Aten Gleams Update:
Amenhotep and Tiye's eldest son, the very promising Thutmose, was killed in a tragic chariot accident. His family is devastated, particularly his sister (and lover) Sitamun. As a consquence of this untimely death, Tiye's second son, the awkward Amenhotep, is the new Heir to the Throne, and everyone's plans for the future have been turned upside-down. Can the Royal Family unite in their grief, or will their scheming and intrigue keep them apart?

New Amarna Updates
Nefertiti has embarked on a journey to Waset to consult with the wise and aged Queen Tiye. With her she has taken the dynasty's hope for the futre, the little Prince Tutankhaten, and the child-prince's constant companion, Princess Ankhesenpaaten. Horemheb has been assigned by Akhenaten to watch other his wife and children on the journey, but Nefertiti was horrified to discover than he had taken the prince and princess out for a day of military training without her permission. Meanwhile, intrigue is afoot in hearts and minds of Sitamun, Siatum and the priest Nakhtset, who all hope to save the dynasty from Akhenaten, who continues to ignore the needs of the empire, instead wallowing in his personal grief. Princess Beketaten and her friends are growing up and looking towards their own futures, while the co-regent Smenkhkare and his melancholy wife, Meritaten, hope to produce an heir.

< On Hiatus -- Check back soon for updates!

NOW PLAYING in The League of Amarna Royal Women

When Akhenaten, Son of the Sun, awakens one night to find himself in bed with a zombified version of Nefertiti, he calls together his crack team of undead slayers--the Teenage Mutant Ninja Amarnans. Comprised of suave Ashur, feisty Mutnodjmet, loyal Ankhesenpaaten, eager Tutankhaten and macho Horemheb the TMNA are the best in their field. Together with Tia, ever the protective menat, they set out into the night to battle the zombie hordes. But when they run into mummies as well, they quickly discover there is more to this infestation than meets the Ay--er, eye. Akhenaten and his crew must face frightening foes--and in Akhenaten's case, his own haunted past--before they can save Egypt from the living dead once and for all.

Rated R for violence and off-color jokes and innuendo regarding a certain god's dismembered member.

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Neferneferuaten Nefertiti

Neferneferuaten Nefertiti


Vintage AncientSites Amarna Banner! Relive the past!

The Reign of Amenhotep III

The Reign of Akhenaten

The Reign of Tutankhamen

Congratulations Ashur!

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Amarna - Out of Print's date today is:Feb 27th c. 1365BC

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Latest Planning Board Posting:

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2011-04-13 07:50:30 Pure of Hands -- Discussion by Ankhesenpaaten
2011-04-13 07:53:40 New Thread! by Ankhesenpaaten

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