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Jun 2012
The Diamond Jubilee
The Diamond Jubilee

Panda Bronze Medal

Welcome to Century of Chaos,
a novel set in the dying years of
the Roman Republic. Experience life in the
turbulent hundred years preceding the
fall of the Roman Republic and the
establishment of the Principate. Chaos offers
murder, intrigue, scandal, and all the
mysteries of Rome.

At this time, Roma is experiencing a time
of peace and tranquility. This is so
rare for Roma that the citizens gave
the credit to Gnaeus Caelius and his
able administration during his Consulship.
The Romans were so impressed that they
bequeathed the title of Augustus upon him.
From this day forward, Roma is now
ruled by the
Emperor Gnaeus Caelius
and his wife, Empress Aura. Roma will now
return to its traditions and the legacy
handed down to them by Romulus
and Remus.

~ Aurora's Secret III ~

~ Britannia ~

~ Egypt II ~

~ Gaul II ~

~ In The Forum II ~

~ Italia ~

~ The Knock-A-Rock Course ~

~ Mons Palatinus ~

~ Sempronius Imports ~

~ The Medical Quarter II ~

~ The Oaktree Tavern II - Subura ~

~ Via Caeliamontana V ~

~ Villa Cornelius ~

We request that all posts be written
in good taste. All posts are subject
to the approval of the Board Editors.
New members make sure you read
the Novel guidelines
and if you have any questions
feel free to ask. Please DO NOT add
any new topics.


Century of Chaos's date today is:Apr 14th 99 BC

Further Information:

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