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"Within the deepest night, inside the shifting shadows, in the beat of every fearful mortal heart, you hear its name. `Tis the one place where Kindred, Vampyre, Nosferatu... whichever term is preferred, can gather in love, lust, and thirst. The wyne flows freely, the kiss of fangs abundant. Warning, this board is not for the faint of heart. But if you dare venture, guard your back and your neck. Who knows what might be tempted by that tantalizing jugular?"

Vampiress Dahlia, Mistress of Crimson Kiss Manor.

The Crimson Kiss is more than just the mansion of an ancient vampiress.

It is the story of all that goes on there, and in its environs.

It is a magical story... grounded in rational precepts.

It is the story of vampires, witches, and faerie folk of all sorts.

It is the story of those ordinary humans fortunate or unfortunate enough to encounter these extraordinary beings.

It is a place of unfettered self-expression and interesting interrelationships.

It is where you can reveal your dark inner-self and interact with others in a fascinating environment of vampiric majesty, mayhem and magic.

It is a place you will never forget.

To discover the unique nature of our world, learn about the VAMPIRES OF CRIMSON KISS by tapping the shoulder of this thirsty Vampiress.


To read how it all began, simply open the book and turn the pages of our beginning...

Crimson Kiss Chronicle
Vampiress Laura's Chronicle.

To read other stories set in the unique "Crimson Kiss Universe," please take a peek at...

Immortal Triangle

Behind The Velvet Curtains


If you are interested in roleplaying the unique and ultimate (in every sense of the word) ecstacy of death by vampire, please CLICK HERE

Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here

If you are at least 18 years old, and posses a deep commitment to quality, interactive storytelling, then you are welcome to join our dark and deliberative adventure.

Dust jacket design by Vampiress Laura

Crimson Kiss's date today is:Apr 14th 0000-00-000000-00-00

Further Information:

If you haven't created a character for this novel, you will only be able to read the novel. You must be contributing character before you can add to the story

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2014-06-24 09:27:49 Speaking in Tongues by Sandra Slatery
2014-09-07 09:01:09 Who needs ceremony? by Vampiress Narcissa
2014-09-18 14:08:50 Return to the Kiss - Not Alone by Lady Violet LeBlanc
2014-10-13 16:02:34 Unexpected Company by KarlGustav von Heilsberg
2014-10-30 07:32:36 Surprised! by Jennifer Nesmith
2014-11-08 06:06:30 Seeking Succor by Amy
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