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The Romanovs - One Last Dance Novel

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The Romanovs - One Last Dance Planning

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Novel Awards:

Feb 2012
The Diamond Jubilee
The Diamond Jubilee

May 2002
Best Dressed Novel Award
Best Dressed Award

Panda Bronze Medal

Irina Paley and Feodor Alexandrovich have married without the Tsar's permission, causing a scandal in the family.

The Prince and Princess Yusupov are hashing out the details of their divorce.

Plans are underway for the a royal (and Imperial!) presence at the 1924 Olympic Games!

The Heir Tsesarevich Alexei is engaged to marry Princess Elizabeth of Greece and Denmark, a grand daughter of imperious "Aunt Miechen." Will their union end the rift between the Alexandrovichi and Vladimirovichi branches of the Imperial Family? And what will become of the Princess's troubled homeland?

Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna - Sister of Tsar Nicholas II, mother of Princess Irina

Grand Duchess Olga Alexandrovna - Sister of Tsar Nicholas II, very close to her nieces OTMA, especially Anastasia

Prince George (future Duke of Kent) - Son of King George V, favorite brother of the Prince of Wales and casual suitor of Princess Marina of Greece

Elizabeth, Duchcess of York - The wife of David's brother Albert, Duke of York, and a close friend to the Princess of Wales (Olga Nikolaevna).

Please contact Marie Nikolaievna if you are interested in any of the above roles. See the Cast List for other available roles.

NEW and Prospective Members! - Confused? Not sure what's going on? What happened before the crash? Try this thread for the answers and an introduction to the What If? story.

The What If? - We're an alternate history, researched as much as possible to make it realistic. Just because it is alternate history doesn't mean it has to far-fetched. No sci fi or fantasy elements, a pure what-might-have-been.

General Planning - Planning for the novel in general.

What If? Planning - Plots, ideas, summaries and the like for the What If? storyline.

History - For information and pictures about the Imperial Family, life in Imperial Russia, etc.

Out of Character - OOC comments, introductions, happy birthdays, congratulations, thanks yous--you get the idea. :)

What If? Info - For information and pictures about the people and places in the What If? storyline.

Storyboard Index - A comprehensive index of the storyboard posts. Almost everything you could possibly need to write an accurate post can be found here.

Characters, etc - To keep track of who is who, who needs an understudy, and so on and so forth.

Letters I: May-Sept 1921
Letters II: Sept '21-Feb '22
Letters III: Jun-Oct '22
Letters IV: Oct 1922 - Dec 1923
Letters V: Current Thread

1920: Christmas
1921 I: Kolya's Birth, Marisha's Party
1921 II: Summer in the Crimea
1922 I: Matchmaking
1922 II: Anastasia Engaged, Diplomacy
1922 III: Maria's Nameday, Aunt Miechen & Titles
1922 IV: The Succession & The Children's Theatre
1922- 23: The Scandal & The Announcement
1922-23 II: The Dinner & The Exile
1922-23 III : Grisha's Christening and Alexei's Accident
1923 I : The Paley Marriage & Alexei's Engagement
1924 I : Current Thread

Great Britain
1921 I: Olga's Wedding, Anastasia Meets Leo
1921 II: The Daily Telegraph, Edwina
1922 I: Kate's Birth, Sisters Visit, Shopping
1922 II: OEM Visit, The Speech, The Party
1922- 23: A Health Scare
1922-23 II: Royal and Imperial Visits
1924: Current Thread.

Diaries: May 1921 - Present
Greece 1922-23: Visitors, Marriage Woes
Greece 1924: Current Thread
Elsewhere 1922: Alexei's Tour
Elsewhere 1922- 23: Anastasia's Honeymoon
Elsewhere 1923:Egypt, Italy, Romania, France
Elsewhere 1924: Current Thread
Belgium 1922: Anastasia's Wedding
Belgium 1923: Philippe's Birth
Belgium 1924: Current Thread
Lithuania 1923 -24: King Christo & Queen Tatiana

The Romanovs - One Last Dance's date today is:Jan 22nd 1923AD

Further Information:

Anya Vyrbova:  Hey Tatiana and Olga, love the story, love the direction in ...View
Miss White:  Tonight I saw a book on the Romanovs and it made me think of...View
Sophia Ioannovna Romanova:  Love the new dusk jacket!...View
Sophia Ioannovna Romanova:  I enjoy the story!...View
Nefersha Hatshepsut:  I love the new dustjacket- it's gorgeous! *G* Keep up the ...View
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