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June 2020
Publisher's Choice Award

Panda Bronze Medal

After the discoveries of Vasco da Gama and Columbus, Europe is in a constant state of change. New, bright horizons open for those who look far away, but the sky is darkening above them who stay at home. A new and ambitious dynasty comes to rule the world, the House of Habsburg, and the other Royal families of France and England accept the challenge.

Europe is divided: alliances are made and broken, the Reformation divides the population of the Holy Roman Empire, and the Emperor's treasuries are empty. Meanwhile, a new and dangerous enemy is emerging from the East: The Ottoman Empire of Suleyman the Magnificent has conquered the Balkan states and now threatens Hungary, Poland, and Austria. Hungary's young King, Louis II tries to delay the Doom, but he pays with his country for that. He barely survives a decisive battle and now tries to save both his face and his crown. However, there is new dawn behind this darkness. King Louis II finds friends and allies, love is blossoming on the battlefields, and new alliances will be made. Archduke Ferdinand has a gentle heart, but everybody sleeps with a sword just at hand.

The Crowns of the European monarchs are heavy. It is decorated with thorns. This novel tells their stories: about thorns and about the roses among the thorns.

Crown of Thorns's date today is:Apr 10th 1526AD

Further Information:

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2021-04-03 00:44:14 (Kraków, Poland) A Letter to Hieronymus Łaski by Bona Sforza
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2021-04-08 11:48:10 The Courts of Crown of Thorns; Transylvania by John Szapolyai
2021-04-09 04:34:28 The Courts of Crown of Thorns: Scotland by James V of Scotland
2021-04-09 05:18:24 The Courts of Crown of Thorns: Poland and Lithuania by Bona Sforza
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2021-04-10 02:42:11 RE: Plots and Story Ideas: Chapter Three: Spring 1528 by Eleanor of Austria
2021-04-10 04:33:07 RE: Plots and Story Ideas: Chapter Three: Spring 1528 by Bona Sforza

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