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Though the British Empire provides peace across the globe, the streets of London offer as much danger as India and Africa. But secret government agents quietly defend British interests at home and abroad, all in service of Her Majesty. In this golden age, advances in science and technology have brought wondrous machines into existence — powerful weapons and engines of land, sea, and air — some of which belong to major world powers, while others are privately developed, for good or ill.

By 1850, the War Office had recognised that there was as much need for a regiment on the home front as there was in other parts of the world. The Revolutions of ‘48 that erupted across Europe had put Whitehall on full alert, preparing them for a similar insurgency in London. With the establishment of the Temple Bar Regiment, the British Government proved as capable of neutralising domestic threats — Chartists, communists, anarchists, and crime syndicates — as they were of dealing with Russians, Mahdists, Boers, Zulus, and Afghans.

Conceived by Sir Robert Peel and implemented by Benjamin Disraeli, the Temple Bar Regiment generally recruited military men, but civilians such as servants, journalists, and engineers were also valuable assets in the field of espionage, subterfuge, and surveillance. The existence of the regiment is highly classified, more of a secret society than a conventional military unit. Members are indistinguishable from other civilians, identifiable only by a tattoo of the broad arrow somewhere on their person. The broad arrow is a symbol of the British government, reserved for the marking of ordnance and boundary markers. This sigil is not lightly bestowed; a bearer has a duty as a living weapon, or at the very least as a boundary against which threats to the heart of the British Empire will meet defeat.

In Service of Her Majesty's date today is:Oct 20th 1885 AD

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