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Welcome to Liaus Horatius

Hung on the Holiday Tree, December 2019

Placed in the Valentine Vase, February 2020
The idea behind the creation of this particular Novel, is not to simply immortalize, or single out one of Pan Historia’s most prolific and energetic fans, but to…. Wait! That’s exactly what this Novel is all about! This NOVEL is here to celebrate the genius and originality of the writer behind the Avatar; his unique posting style, always with historical content and a twist only Liaus could produce, easily found all across PAN!

And, yes! Everyone knows Liaus did not always follow restrictions, or rules and guidelines when it came to posting. But that never held him back from sharing something he felt strongly about. Something to make us smile!

And although we’ve tried to present an organized face here...Liaus quickly sets us straight with the Harlan Ellison quote on his home…

"The trap into which all writers have, will, or should fall into, of writing The Great American Watchamacallit, is such an uncluttered and inviting one that from time to time I’m sure even the greatest have to pull themselves up short by the Shift key to remind themselves that it is story first that they should write.” (1963)…

So, that said…follow his outrageous ‘rule of thumb’ and in the spirit of Liaus Horatius, don’t worry about where you’re going to post it!
Just write it, and Immortalize away!

Saying Goodbye to Liaus

graphic by Poe from Liaus' Home

Character Home of Liaus Horatius



  • Captain StarCastle
  • Clio
  • Sky

  • Liaus Horatius's date today is:Apr 14th YearAD

    Further Information:

    If you haven't created a character for this novel, you will only be able to read the novel. You must be contributing character before you can add to the story

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