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The God of Jacob has delivered the Twelve Tribes out of Egypt and brought them to the Promised Land of their ancestors. When faithful and obedient to God, they have been richly blessed and given many victories over the Canaanites. But trust in God’s provision is not always easy, and the expulsion of pagan tribes from their ancestral lands is often fraught with ordeals.

Israel, 1200 BCE. This is the dawn of the Iron Age, and the tribal war bands of the Near East are fashioning new weapons and armour of steel. It is the time of Judges — chieftains with spies and unruly armies under their command. Joshua is dead. Samuel has not yet been born. In each of the twelve tribal countries, Levites officiate at the tabernacles, making sacrificial offerings of atonement and requesting God’s forgiveness on behalf of all Israel. But their faithful practices are compromised by the influence of the remaining Canaanites, who practice child sacrifice and fertility rituals. Midianites from Sinai, Amalekites from the Negev, Amorites from east of the Jordan, Philistines from the coastal plain, and hosts of other pagan tribes also threaten the peace and the faith of Israel.

Here are the unwritten stories of God’s Chosen People — their acts of faith, their failures, and their adventures — and of the One God who would not abandon them.

These stories are works of fiction and are not actually found in any book of the Bible. If you are interested in writing at this novel, please create a fictional character. Your character can be from any race, as long as it’s appropriate to the setting. Historical figures from the Bible may be referred to or used as faithfully represented NPCs, but not used as playable characters.

Hear, O Israel's date today is:Dec 11th 1200BCE

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