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Evil things are happening more and more often and Selene cannot as yet find the source. But most frightening of all is that this thing, whatever it is, strikes at many places and times suddenly and with no mercy. Whatever it is must be discovered and stopped before all good things are beyond hope of recovery.

Moon Shadows's date today is:Nov 13th 1874AD

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Latest Novel Posting:

2018-08-04 13:43:41 Looking out over the 'Verse by Xun Ke Tou
2018-08-05 06:13:41 Chang'e slowly fades into sight by Selene
2018-08-08 14:48:55 Take Ke tou and what? by Xun Ke Tou
2018-09-09 17:05:44 Sometimes being a goddess is overrated by Selene
2018-09-10 10:50:55 What to do with Weapons-Technician? by Qaa Ritt
2018-10-17 16:12:02 as thing go it wasn't a bad night by Honey Lucifer
2018-10-27 12:45:35 The devil's work for sure by Honey Lucifer
2018-11-25 09:18:20 The sea hath given so now it takes by Honey Lucifer
2018-11-25 17:29:46 The foaling goes well by Theoden Ednew
2018-12-23 16:27:21 Sweet tea for the Lady and coffee for the Kzin by Qaa Ritt
2018-12-23 18:52:29 What if? by Qaa Ritt
2018-12-23 19:05:41 Looking at the many facets of an idea by Selene
2019-04-22 10:16:04 Hanging on by a thread by Honey Lucifer
2019-07-30 09:17:18 Something is not -- quite -- right by Eomer Marshall of the Mark
2019-08-11 12:24:10 An ill omen this news is indeed. by Theoden Ednew
2019-08-11 12:49:32 A retired emperor safely stashed away by Selene
2019-08-14 08:52:03 Same old, same old.... by Dutch Yardeen
2019-08-16 09:49:22 Gared, you'll be on your own tonight by Pree
2019-09-06 09:33:39 And the other girls are? by Selene
2019-09-06 09:39:17 No joy at all by Dutch Yardeen
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