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Revolutionaries rise from the masses! Discontented proletariat and idealistic anarchists pose a threat to the Imperial Establishment of Western Europe. The year is 1895. The great nations of Europe maintain a tenuous political relationship and uneasy peace, while competing for control over Africa and Asia. Under each flag, massive war machines and innovations in arms equip soldiers of land, sea, and sky for the threat of war, the shadow of which now stretches from Britannia to Siberia.

Whether you fall in with the Belle-Époque optimists or the fin-de-siècle cynics, this is an age of scientific and technological innovation, mental and paranormal exploration, and leisure — whether “slumming" within one’s own metropolis; playing games of chance in Monte Carlo; or making day trips to burgeoning seaside resorts.

In the years before the Secret Service, the Crowned Heads of Europe relied upon secret police to protect their empires but found journalists and industrialists the best and most reliable source of foreign ingelligence. Engines of Intrigue explores the birth of modern espionage in a steampunk-inspired alternate history, featuring historical personages and original characters.

Engines of Intrigue's date today is:Dec 11th 1895AD

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