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Power. Scandal. War. Religion.

In sixteenth-century Europe women were used as pawns in kings and princes games of power. However, not all remained quiet and many entered the game themselves. Loosing the game could mean disgrace, exile or even death.

The Queene is queint, and quick conceit,
Which makes hir walke which way she list,
And rootes them up, that lie in waite
To work hir treason, ere she wist
Hir force is such, against her foes,
That whom she meetes, she overthrowes.

Nicholas Brenton, The Chess Play

The XVI century in Europe was a time of war and intrigue, where power was every ruler's goal. Most royal women were mere pawns in the games of power, sacrificed by their fathers or brothers for the greater good of their family. But not all women remained pawns. They too entered the game, becoming central pieces of the board. This was the Europe of the Habsburgs, the Valois, the Tudors, the Stuarts, the Aviz, the Trastámara, the Borgias, and the de Medici, among others. And this is the story of their women.

Game of Queens's date today is:Apr 14th 1500AD

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