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In one moment your life consist of only the norm; of work, school, and bills; of late nights at the pub with friends and weekends wasted away on the coast. In the next your veiled sight is shattered and you awaken to a reality the world told you didn’t exist. After all, there is no such thing as magic, there are no such things as gods, spirits, angels nor demons; and there are certainly no monsters living under your bed.

Maybe you had a fainting spell. Maybe all your electronic toys shorted in a cacophony of sparks. Or maybe that street dog you had decided to come back up for an encore, violently, and tasting like rotten oysters. Whatever it was, it hit you like a Mac-truck and life… changed.

The world, the real world, is far more vast than you imagine. It’s a world hidden; home to plots, betrayals, friendly smiles that don’t reach the eyes, and bargains with fine enough print to see the Devil squint…and that’s just from your allies. It’s a world where the shadows and vast angles, where there is so much more power to be had, and so much more to fear.

Kings of the Veil's date today is:Apr 14th YearAD

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