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London; 1888. Penny Dreadful is a work of original fiction anthologies. The tales within are set in Victorian England, but in an alternate history where magic and the supernatural exist. The setting is authentic to the Victorian period, IE technology, manners, politics, etc.; but the supernatural is very real.

Most people are completely unaware of the supernatural. However there are those that live to combat those forces and to keep humanity safe. There are secret societies of adepts and magicians, both good and evil. There are monsters that walk among us. The bulk of mankind moves through the world blissfully unaware, only occasionally seeing a glimpse of the other reality that lie in the shadows of their world. They happily devour the stories in the Penny Dreadfuls and gothic novels. While they fear ghosts and other bogeyman, the rational and the intelligent assume that these are all just childish fears or fanciful fictions.

Disclaimer - Penny Dreadful is in no way affiliated with the show of the same name.

Penny Dreadful's date today is:Apr 14th 1888AD

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