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June 2016
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Your story. Your way.

Slice of Life: a realistic representation of everyday experience.

From Wikipedia: In literary parlance, the term "slice of life" refers to a storytelling technique that presents a seemingly arbitrary sample of a character's life, which often lacks a coherent plot, conflict, or ending. The story may have little plot progress and often has no exposition, conflict, or dénouement, but rather has an open ending.

From TV Tropes: Life, observed and examined. A cast of characters go about their daily lives, making observations and being themselves. - What separates slice of life as a genre from the literal meaning of the phrase (which would encompass nearly all fiction) is the emphasis on the very moment, with the intent of focusing the audience on that moment rather than using that moment as part of a narrative.

Examples in Literature: The Book Thief, Anne of Green Gables, The Night Ocean, The Fault in Our Stars, The Perks of Being A Wallflower, Eleanor & Park, Little Women, Norwegian Wood, The Help, If I Stay...

This is an open novel welcoming all "slice of life" stories. They may be written in any style (scifi, historical, action, etc.)

Our Stories

After Hours Aimless
Children of the Amaranth Conspicuous Leisure
The Funeral Crasher Life Behind Bars
The Littlest Thread

Please be sure to read our Novel Guidelines, especially the top portion titled "Stuff to Know".


Slice of Life's date today is:Feb 27th

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