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It is 514 in the 5th Era.

The great Empire has fallen and the Imperials have been pushed back into their native Cyrodiil, which was once the heart of the Empire. The races of Tamriel have reverted back into their own kingdoms: the Nords remain in Skyrim, the Argonians in Black Marsh, the Bretons in High Rock, the Khajiit in Elsweyr, the Redguards in Hammerfell, the Dunmer in Morrowind, the Bosmer in Valenwood, the Altmer on the Summerset Isles, and the Orcs have finally won their freedom and their own land in Orsinium.

Although peace has been made and all races are pleased, the king in Cyrodiil suffers from delusions of grandeur and seeks the restoration of the Empire. Playing upon the nostalgic hearts of his Imperial race, King Titus Veren has adopted the name of Tiber Septim - after the great Emperor who became a god - and has assured them a return to glory.

But the other races will not yield so soon.

Ding dong the wicked witch is dead. ~ updates are coming soon to a chapter near you. lol

Novel Application: Mandatory for your first character.
Index: A comprehensive list of all reference posts.
Getting Started: The need-to-know information.
Character Biographies: Post your character's biography here.
NPC Biographies: Post your NPC's biography here.
History and Chronology: Tamriel's history and chronologies of various events.
Geography and People: Descriptions about Tamriel's geography and its people.
Guilds and Groups: Information about Tamriel's various organizations.
Religion, Lore, and Magic: How folklore and magic work in Tamriel.
Bestiary: Descriptions about the creatures that wander Tamriel.
Summaries: Been a way for a while? Catch up here!
TES & Bethesda News: News from TES and Bethesda.
Announcements: Announcements from the MoBs and members.
Plots and Plans: Planning for the novel's future.
OOC Discussion: Out of Character chatting. Be respectful!

Please do not create any new threads yourself. You may contact Azura if you have an idea for one. We can certainly discuss your idea further, but remember that the final decision is up to the MoBs.

December 2018 "(Oblivion) Dark Omens" by Azura was the genre's featured post.
November 2017 "(Cyrodiil) Discovery" by Lucia Valeria was the genre's featured post.
May 2017 "(Cyrodiil) Black Souls" by Lucia Valeria was the genre's featured post.
March 2017 "(Morrowind) Suspicions" by Brelayne Andrethi was the genre's featured post.
September 2016 "(Morrowind) With a Kiss" by Brelayne Andrethi was the genre's featured post.
July 2016: "(Cyrodiil) Reflection" by Lucia Valeria was the genre's featured post.
March 2016: Tamriel is the genre's featured novel.
February 2016: "(Morrowind) The Edge of the World" by Brelayne Andrethi was the genre's featured post and Brelayne was Pan's featured character.

Aedra | 0
Altmer | 1
Argonians | 0
Bosmer | 0
Bretons | 2
Daedra | 1
Dunmer | 1
Imperials | 1
Khajiit | 0
Nords | 5
Orcs | 0
Redguards | 0

We have an application template that is mandatory for your first character. You don't have to repeat this process when you want to add more characters. Just let us know before adding them, but remember to tell us a little about their storylines!

Tamriel and its inhabitants are the product of the wonderful minds at Bethesda, and are featured in the gaming series The Elder Scrolls. All content is their property and this novel is just a perspective on the subject. We do not claim anything.

Tamriel's date today is:Sep 22nd 5145E

Further Information:

If you haven't created a character for this novel, you will only be able to read the novel. You must be contributing character before you can add to the story

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