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Moving out into space requires more than ships. There must be stops along the way to resupply and take refuge when needed. Waystations were built as humans moved further out into space. Just getting to one can be a trip. Holding on to one can be dangerous. Making them successful can be almost impossible.

The Derelict - Location: Kryterium Wasteland

In 2054, Earth united under one government.

By 2160, Man had colonized the Solar System.

In 2180, FTL drive had been discovered, allowing Humanity to move into extra-solar space.

For the next two hundred years, the Terran Coalition moved ever outward, placing colony after colony on planet after planet.

In 2380, everything changed. An alien fleet attacked and destroyed The Eden Colony in the A Velorum System, giving no warning.

For the next eight years, the Human Race found itself in a fight for survival as it faced the Alien Invasion. Battle after battle was fought, without either side gaining the supreme advantage. The planets of the Kryterium System, so newly opened to colonization, were devastated. Resources stretched thin by the war, the TC had no choice but to abandon it.

In 2390, the Alien Invasion ended as suddenly as it had begun. All alien attacks ceased with no explanation, with no attempt to communicate. The A Velorum System, considered to be the cause of the hostilities, was declared off-limits to renewed colonization efforts.

Across Human-occupied space, the work of rebuilding began. Part of those efforts included the waystations. Part hostelry, part convenience supplier, part refueling outpost created to break the monotony of long space journeys, they were as much a marker of Man's progress across the stars as the myriad colonies themselves.

Foremost of these is the Greybourne Waystations franchise, owned by Gareth Greybourne, which he is looking to expand.

As the year 2400 dawns, it is a time of new opportunity and challenge.

A time to explore new possibilities.

Develop new friendships.

Explore old mysteries.

A time of discovering new enemies.

And possibly old.

Waystations's date today is:Jul 31st 2400CE

Further Information:

If you haven't created a character for this novel, you will only be able to read the novel. You must be contributing character before you can add to the story

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2017-08-01 11:46:08 {28 June 2391: Alpha Centauri} Hostile Takeover of Sorts by Li Shen Zhu
2017-12-25 17:34:57 {1 July 2391: Alpha Centauri} Making a Stand by Li Shen Zhu
2018-03-03 15:51:58 { June 2392: Location: Classified} The Mission by Allard Greybourne
2020-11-15 11:18:06 {June 2392: Location: Classified} "This Isn't Over." by Derek Marks
2020-12-10 03:39:36 {June 2392: Location: Classified} Code Red by Allard Greybourne
2021-01-03 05:35:37 {June 2392: Location Classified} “It’s just the Beginning” by Derek Marks
2021-01-03 05:38:53 2399- by Allard Greybourne
2021-01-03 05:53:57 12/08 {Deneb Waystation} Raine's by Jordan Raine Hunter
2021-01-03 05:59:36 12/10/99 {Deneb Waystation} Delivery Made by Erich Michael Braeden
2021-01-03 06:08:18 12/19/99 {Deneb Waystation} Vega Bound by Erich Michael Braeden
2021-01-03 06:32:28 12/19/99 {Deneb Waystation} It's Done by Drew Alexander Greybourne
2021-01-04 02:29:59 12/19/99 {Deneb Waystation} Meet and 'Greet' by Drew Alexander Greybourne
2021-07-18 10:46:18 01/01/2400 {Lokono: New Eden Colony} Eden Day by Derek Marks
Latest Story Board Posting:

2015-10-20 17:04:02 {Character Dossiers} Cristobal Cortez by Cristobal Cortez
2015-10-24 16:48:26 {Character Dossiers} Allard Joshua Greybourne by Allard Greybourne
2015-10-25 12:47:50 {Character Dossiers} Stan Jennings by Stan Jennings
2015-12-06 17:28:49 {Character Dossiers} Drew Alexander Greybourne by Drew Alexander Greybourne
2015-12-08 19:08:42 {Character Dossiers} Jordan Raine Hunter by Jordan Raine Hunter
2015-12-19 15:56:51 {Character Dossiers} Valjean Michel D'Alembert by Valjean Michel DAlembert
2015-12-19 16:04:08 {Character Dossiers} Bridger Walls by Bridger Walls
2016-05-27 14:14:19 {Character Dossiers} Erich Michael Braeden by Erich Michael Braeden
2016-05-28 19:16:48 {Character Dossiers} Myka Bering by Myka Bering
2017-06-12 20:36:28 {Character Dossiers} Li Shen Zhu by Li Shen Zhu
Latest Planning Board Posting:

There are no planning board posts for this novel yet.

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