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Ancient Ireland is tribal. Associated clans form petty kingdoms that, more or less, compose each of the island's four provinces (or cúige) - known as "the fifths" of Eire.

To the west is CONNACHT. Medb, its ruthless and insatiable queen-goddess rules from her mighty fortress at Cruachan. Her army is formidable, with a contingent of Clan Morna hunter-warriors known as the Fianna.

Her ally to the East, in the province of LEINSTER, is Art mac Cuinn, High King of all Ireland. Though Leinster is largely a lawless province, the royal seat of Tara, in Meath, is able to muster the unruly hordes to engage in border skirmishes and blood-feuds. One of the Connachta himself, Art calls the mighty Fianna back to his court at Tara every winter, to enjoy his hospitality and to defend his sovereignty from neighbouring contenders. Which are...

MUNSTER, to the south. Rife with internal disputes, the Dáirine are a tenuous alliance of Ciarraighe and exiled Ulster clans, under the kingship of Mug Nuadat. Their only common interest is defending themselves from the marauding Loígis tribe to the east and disputing the northern border of their province with the belligerent Connachta. But they are not without friends...

Meet the fabled kingdom of ULSTER to the north, with its royal seat at Emain Macha. Celebrated for its renowned warriors of the Red Branch — including Conchobar mac Nessa, Conall Cernach, Fergus mac Roich, and Cúchulainn — they have no choice but to remain the dominant province in Eire. For the men of Ulster have all been cursed by the wrathful Macha to suffer debilitating pangs should they ever come to their hour of direst need. Their allies in Munster effectively divide Connacht’s forces to keep Ulster strong. But Connacht is not Ulster’s only threat...

The Connacht-born High King in Meath is naturally interested in humbling mighty Ulster and unifying the chaotic Leinstermen into a unified people, with Tara as the royal centre over all Eire.

High King Art has loyal followers in every province, of course, but even within each province there is disunity, with treacherous family conflicts and petty raids.

Other raids, however, are not so petty. At the centre of all the strife, across this bloody, war-torn island is Connacht’s great war to steal the legendary bull Donn Cúailnge from Ulster cattle-lord Dáire mac Fiachna. The green fields of Eire will be washed in blood when Conchobar’s Ulster army from Emain Macha meet Medb’s Connacht army from Cruachan. Tribes from Munster and Leinster are sure to join the battle, and the carrion-crows will harvest!



The Táin, named for the Ireland’s ancient epic Táin Bó Cuailgne, is a reimagining of Irish myth and legend in a highly fictionalised 3rd-century Ireland. Follow the exploits of these ancient heroes and villains, from as early as the Book of Invasions to as late as the Fenian Cycle.

These knotwork tales of the Red Branch, the Fianna, Druids, monsters, and foreign invaders weave a new literary tapestry of Celtic fantasy.

Tain Map

Art by Jim Fitzpatrick

The Tain - Out of Print's date today is:Jul 6th 247AD

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