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Welcome to Collider

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.”

—Albert Einstein

Collider is a contemporary fiction novel based on real science. The story will involve academia, scientific inquiry, and industrial espionage. Collider takes place across the globe, but particularly in the UK at Cambridge and in Switzerland at the CERN laboratory.

We are seeking engineers, particle physicists, astrophysicists, meteorologists, administrators, computer scientists, geologists, professors, psychologists, physicians and nurses, mechanics, nerds and geeks from all technical and academic persuasions, custodians, cooks, bartenders, spies, and intelligence officers. All applications will be considered. Please submit a resume/writing sample.

Unleash your inner genius and consider being a part of a story that captures the imagination, spans the world, and seeks to understand the universe in a creative way through collaborative writing.

The information contained herein is subject to modification as deemed appropriate by the Board Members.

Many thanks to Piper Coulson
for the outstanding dust jacket design.

Collider's date today is:Feb 17th 2015AD

Further Information:

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2015-05-25 04:20:08 Topics In Science: Shine On You Crazy Diamond ! by Liaus Horatius
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2015-06-05 22:49:51 RE: Congrats We're Featured by Anna Roswell
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2015-07-03 22:19:39 Sarah Ashley, Bio & CV by Sarah Ashley
2015-09-03 22:42:46 RE: THE EAGLE — Wish You Were Here by Anna Roswell
2015-09-04 20:29:14 RE: THE EAGLE — Wish You Were Here by Sarah Ashley
2015-09-04 21:50:29 RE: THE EAGLE — Congratulations Sarah! by Collider

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