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Harworth is an old medieval town that dwells near the English-Welsh border. Since its founding it has been the home of supernaturals and humans alike, but for the first hundred years, it suffered violence as each race tried to dominate the other. Things began to worsen in the early 1300s, which led to the signing of the Harworth Pact.

Signed by representatives from each race, the Harworth Pact ceased bloodshed and created order within the community. It saw the foundation of the Mystic Council, a group known only the supernaturals and humans who are aware of their existence, whose only goal is to maintain peace.

There are four districts within Harworth, and each race claims one as territory as decided by the Pact. The Witches have Moon’s Watch in the north, home to the middle class and businesses. In the north and northwest is Fox Grove, home of the wealthy and aristocratic, and is shared between the Vampyres and Immortalis. The humans have Elmont in the south, which resembles Moon’s Watch. And the Wolves have Eastside, which houses the farms and labor workers in the east.
January 1910
Saturday 1
Total Posts: 1-10
Morning Posts: 1-3
Afternoon Posts: 4-5
Evening Posts: 6-7
Night Posts: 8-10
January 1910: Chapters One and Two
January 1910: Chapter One
To be updated as we move forward in the story without giving away the plot.
For more see Chapter Summaries.
Magick Resources
About Harworth
Historical Background
Character Biographies
NPC Character Biographies
Chapter Summaries
Badges, Banners, and Awards
Novel Crossovers
Chapter Timelines
Plots & Plans
OOC Discussions
1. SOH is the spin-off of the novel Magick. They share the same timeline, with the difference of time period. The canon material has already been established there.
2. It isn't necessary to be a writer or reader of Magick to participate in SOH. We will provide the relevant material. You may also speak to Agnes if you need clarification on any subject.
3. Crossover characters from both novels must be immortal since most mortal characters will be dead in Magick.
Coming soon.
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Shadow Over Harworth's date today is:Apr 14th 1910CE

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