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As the Snow Falls Novel

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The picturesque town of Mayhem depends on the beauty and seasons of the surrounding Rockies. Winter is prime for skiing, snowboarding, and other snowplay while summer offers hiking, horseback riding, and camping. The prosperous town is filled with interesting characters both local and new. Some work at the fabulous ski resort, Mayhem Mountain, while others are small business owners, students at the local college, snow bunnies, and civil servants. Lurking in the shadows behind the bright glare of the sun on the snow are machinations, secrets, and entanglements both romantic and politic.

There are no rules except those set by Pan Historia. Come and play As the Snow Falls!

Weather Aspen-Pitkin County Airport Aspen

As the Snow Falls's date today is:Jan 22nd 2018AD

Further Information:

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2018-07-28 20:58:00 (Somewhere between Denver and Mayhem) Getting to Know Each other by Mai Leaphorn
2018-09-12 10:56:15 Up the Mountain by Kenna MacCallum
2018-10-08 20:53:52 (Mai‘s Home) The Start of a Busy Morning ... Part I by Mai Leaphorn
2018-10-26 20:26:14 (La Quinta-Mayhem Hotel) The Start of a Busy Morning …. Part II by Lucas North
2018-12-17 20:53:00 (Mayhem’s LL Bean) Shopping for Winter Clothes… part I by Mai Leaphorn
2018-12-26 20:25:30 (London, England) Morning Conversation by Tara King
2018-12-26 21:34:30 (Lucas‘s Home) Checking out the New Home… part II by Lucas North
2019-09-15 14:56:03 Summer's End by Kenna MacCallum
2019-12-25 21:33:33 (Alice’s Home) The disappearance of Alice by Alice Kinsleigh
2020-02-08 21:39:33 (Alice’s Home) The disappearance of Alice … part II by Robert Cresswell
2020-10-02 21:21:53 (Seoul, South Korea) Ordering Korean Breakfast by Lily Bennett
2020-10-06 20:33:13 (Seoul, South Korea) People Watching by Han Min jae
2020-10-07 20:39:33 (Seoul, South Korea) Making Plans over Breakfast by Kim Eun Kyung
2020-12-07 19:23:50 (Seoul, South Korea) People Watching … Part 1 by Han Min jae
2020-12-08 19:43:18 (Seoul, South Korea) People Watching …. Part II by Lily Bennett
2021-01-05 19:59:37 (Seoul, South Korea) People Watching …. Part III by Han Min jae
Latest Story Board Posting:

2015-06-15 21:29:49 Doctor Esha Rajat, MD by Tara King
2015-06-24 20:44:39 Aspen Valley Fairgrounds by Renata Ferrari
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2015-09-22 22:34:01 Renata Ferrari of Mayhem Renaissance Faire by Tara King
2016-03-12 22:02:34 Afon Cwm by Afon Cwm
2016-03-13 09:38:25 Steven Qualls by Steven Qualls
2016-03-16 22:01:59 RE: NPC and Character Bios by Frank J Wattron
2016-12-11 21:54:48 Thomas Damerel (Alice's friend) by Alice Kinsleigh
2017-03-12 21:50:57 Helena G. Wells by Tara King
2018-07-03 20:06:44 Mai Leaphorn by Mai Leaphorn
Latest Planning Board Posting:

2020-09-10 20:27:42 Coming Soon a Korean Restaurant by Lily Bennett
2020-10-01 20:34:43 Heads up on the Korean storyline by Lily Bennett
2020-12-02 19:18:10 Congratulations to Han Min jae by Kim Eun Kyung
2020-12-02 19:19:03 RE: Congratulations to Han Min jae by Lily Bennett
2020-12-02 19:21:05 RE: Congratulations to Han Min jae by Han Min jae
2020-12-13 11:58:32 RE: Congratulations to Han Min jae by Kenna MacCallum
2020-12-13 14:07:40 Belated congrats to Kim Eun Kyung by Kenna MacCallum
2020-12-13 14:13:35 Belated congrats to As the Snow Falls by Kenna MacCallum
2021-01-02 10:16:36 Congrats to As the Snow Falls by Kenna MacCallum
2021-01-04 19:58:29 RE: Congrats to As the Snow Falls by Lily Bennett

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