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A House Divided described not only the nation but many of the families that endured the effects of the War. Neighbor fought Neighbor; Father fought Son; Brother fought Brother. It was more than just a war for land or money; it was a battle for the minds and hearts of those involved. While all insisted that it was a war for freedom, they could never agree whether it was the freedom of the slaves who labored under harsh conditions… or of the states oppressed by the unjust demands of the federal government.

Everyone suffered the turmoil and horrors of the war. No one was left untouched in one way or another by the death and devastation that followed as the armies marched from one bloody battleground to the next. Loss was the common denominator. Whether it be life, land, or the innocence of ideals, the war savaged all entangled in its destructive web.

Choose sides! Will you battle the tyrannical government that seeks to take away the foundation that supports the grandeur of the South? Or will you lay down your life to confirm the basic rights that are due to every man… black or white?
January 1861
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North and South's date today is:Apr 14th 1861CE

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