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This is the continuing story of the Atlantis Expedition in the Pegasus Galaxy which begins after the events of the Legacy Novel stories.

SG Atlantis's date today is:Jun 26th 0AD

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If you haven't created a character for this novel, you will only be able to read the novel. You must be contributing character before you can add to the story

Latest Novel Posting:

2018-03-12 09:04:32 Letting out the breath she'd not realized she was holding by Colonel Samantha Carter
2018-03-12 09:21:50 (SGC) Time to start anew by Dr Elizabeth Weir
2018-06-19 08:35:20 (SGC) An interesting assignment, indeed. by Tealc
2018-06-19 09:23:23 Surprised to see his friend down here by Dr Fletcher Christian
2018-06-22 06:21:27 All Clear by John Sheppard
2018-07-10 09:56:15 Hoping he understood Sheppard correctly by Dr Rodney Mckay
2018-07-10 10:11:41 Spotting at least one of the people he knew by Steve Gwynn
2018-07-11 09:32:27 (SGC) Checking in with the new (old?) boss by Dr Daniel Jackson
2018-07-11 11:53:43 (Chulak) Observing from the shadows by Tealc
2018-07-12 10:45:41 (SGC) Blue folders safely turned over by Dr Elizabeth Weir
2018-07-14 07:51:15 (SGC) Stunned yet again by Dr Daniel Jackson
2018-10-27 15:39:46 (Chulak) An unpleasant discovery by Tealc
2018-12-27 16:04:45 Looking over her new home by Cmdr Kate Holms USN
2018-12-27 16:48:24 (Chulak) Unpleasant choices by Tealc
2018-12-27 17:18:50 (SGC) Setting up a trap by General Jack ONeill
2019-03-18 10:19:38 (SGC) Stunned into silence by Dr Daniel Jackson
2019-05-02 06:00:22 (Sateda) Looking forward to a long overdue reunion by Ronon Dex
2019-05-09 17:11:42 Unhappy Stowaway by Babs
2019-06-21 14:34:01 Nah, it couldn't be; could it? by Major Evan Lorne
2019-06-22 15:49:14 (SGC) Staring into the blue of the gate by General Jack ONeill
Latest Story Board Posting:

2015-09-10 07:18:00 A bit of a re-write for my character by Dr Elizabeth Weir
2017-01-08 19:04:24 Welcome to our esteemed -- allies? by Colonel Samantha Carter
2017-01-09 07:00:36 Getting to know you... Todd by Todd
2017-01-14 08:43:40 Information we can all use by Colonel Samantha Carter
2017-07-29 11:04:09 Some Atlantis NPCs for us to use as needed by Colonel Samantha Carter
2017-09-09 08:26:37 RE: Some Atlantis NPCs for us to use as needed by Dr Fletcher Christian
2018-03-09 09:26:30 Daedulus Crew staying on Atlantis Update 3.12.18 by Col Steven Caldwell
2018-07-12 11:27:17 One of the Daedulus Crew who is staying on Atlantis by Cmdr Kate Holms USN
2018-07-12 11:53:13 Daedulus Crew NOT staying on Atlantis Update 7.12.18 by Col Steven Caldwell
2019-05-06 17:03:28 Getting to know you: Babs by Babs
Latest Planning Board Posting:

2016-06-12 21:13:06 RE: Did a setup sort of by Colonel Samantha Carter
2016-06-14 18:04:08 and we are running by Colonel Samantha Carter
2016-07-18 21:23:42 RE: and we are running by Ronon Dex
2017-01-08 13:57:44 Atlantis has taken flight by Colonel Samantha Carter
2017-01-09 06:52:33 The Wraith... well, some of them... by Todd
2017-07-05 18:52:24 RE: Atlantis has taken flight...thoughts? by TEYLA
2017-07-05 19:11:35 RE: Atlantis has taken flight...thoughts? by Colonel Samantha Carter
2019-03-31 08:00:48 RE: Atlantis has taken flight...Question? by Ronon Dex
2019-04-05 11:18:47 OOC: Glad to Master Dex! by Karamy
2019-04-30 19:53:39 RE: OOC: Glad to Master Dex! by Ronon Dex

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