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Welcome to Everlast
Almost a hundred years ago, the human race began traveling further into space with the advancement of technology. These pioneers discovered other planets that housed different races - creatures from myth. They once ventured to Earth centuries ago, staying briefly to give us their histories. As the humans once welcomed them with open arms, they too welcomed the humans. Pacts were made, and they became our allies, but they never mentioned Everlast.

Until two decades after the dragon came.

It came to Earth from space, crashing at the Grand Canyon. Almost immediately, the United States closed the site down. Scientists began studying the dragon's blood, and they discovered that it caused strange, seemingly supernatural abilities. The government took it as an opportunity and inserted the blood into their soldiers. But the government did not realize that the blood passed to their children. Unwittingly, they had created a new race.

It is 3040, twenty years after the dragon came. Alien races have begun reaching out to these new beings, ready to explain Everlast. But there are some that are less than pleased with this news.
June 3040
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Everlast is an open novel, however, its status is registered as a closed novel. This means that you have to fill out an application. A full biography is not required for the application. All we ask for is that you include as many sentences as necessary to give us an idea of your storyline and to determine whether or not you understand our world.

Admission is not guaranteed as we want to ensure that our novel remains close to our plot and setting. By accepting anyone who does not understand our world, we can possibly hinder the work of our writers, and we do not want that. So please take advantage of the information provided in the Story Boards and read some novel posts to see how our world is shaped. We are more than willing to help you create your character, so you may want to contact a MoB prior to sending in your application. If you send in an application that doesn't fit our novel, we will still give you a chance to make adjustments to your planned storyline.

If you intend to write a dragon born, please do not make them a godlike character. We don't want or need an all-powerful character. Please use The Database post, Homo Sapiens Dracona (Dragon Borns), as a reference to see what abilities a dragon born may or may not have.

Design by Jesslyn.

Everlast's date today is:Feb 27th 3040CE

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