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Comix is exactly what the name implies. A mixture of different stories like you'd find in your favorite comic books. From superheroes to mutants to supernatural and beyond. You can find it all here!

This is an anthology of stories. Our library may grow, but for now we feature 2 stories. If you are interested in starting or joining a story, please contact a MoB.

Generation X; a origins tale with all new characters told in the style of an X-Men type universe. Follow our adventures as we cope with the dawning of the new mutant era!

B.R.A.S.S.; When it comes to fighting the forces of darkness, the paranormal and the just plain weird, few can handle it as well as the Victorian badasses of team BRASS!

This novel is open by application. Please read the novel guidelines before applying.

Comix's date today is:Apr 14th 0AD

Further Information:

If you haven't created a character for this novel, you will only be able to read the novel. You must be contributing character before you can add to the story

Latest Novel Posting:

2016-03-07 10:53:20 Coffee and Confessions by Elise Randall
2016-03-10 11:35:18 Big Apple Black Ops by Brenna Hollingsly
2016-03-14 10:48:41 Burned by Brenna Hollingsly
2016-03-14 11:40:51 Aches and Pains by Harrison Starkweather
2016-03-16 11:23:02 The Plan Unfolds by Adwulf Reinhold
2016-04-10 11:28:04 RE: The Plan Unfolds by Gabriel St John
2016-04-11 21:09:33 The Tachyon Accelerator by Galen Dracos
2016-04-12 09:30:48 An Interview by Mihkel Kassik
2016-04-12 10:43:51 Making Ends Meet by Brenna Hollingsly
2016-04-14 13:31:32 Bad Decisions by Elise Randall
2016-04-14 15:13:10 The Worth of Ideas by Mihkel Kassik
2016-04-14 18:40:50 Realities of Family Business by Luciana Mancuso
2016-04-14 21:14:04 The Iron Maiden by Renault St Claire
2016-04-16 13:06:30 The Red Queen by Aminethia
2016-04-19 13:21:36 The Fisherman by Heimdall
2016-07-21 17:25:15 BRASS - Chapter 1 by Piper Coulson
2016-08-16 13:51:06 A Citywide Warning... by The Timekeeper
2016-08-17 21:32:11 New Age Baptism by Aminethia
2016-08-18 08:22:06 Resurrection by Aminethia
2016-09-15 18:09:23 Downward Spiral by Harrison Starkweather
Latest Story Board Posting:

2015-06-11 08:28:39 Generation X Characters by Piper Coulson
2015-06-11 08:29:33 Generation X NPC's by Piper Coulson
2015-06-11 08:30:40 Generation X - Info by Piper Coulson
2015-06-11 10:41:56 Generation X - Dossier by Piper Coulson
2015-06-11 11:07:18 Generation X - Power Guide by Piper Coulson
2015-07-21 23:10:33 Basil Fletcher, aka Paladin by Basil Fletcher
2015-07-23 00:06:52 Rupert St Cyr (Paladin) by Basil Fletcher
2015-07-23 00:36:02 Glaive (Paladin) by Basil Fletcher
2015-07-23 01:10:30 Elswith Cadwall (Paladin) by Basil Fletcher
2015-07-25 00:19:18 Sir Oliver Rook (Paladin) by Basil Fletcher
Latest Planning Board Posting:

2015-06-11 08:31:27 Generation X - Planning by Piper Coulson
2015-06-11 08:31:45 OOC Chatter by Piper Coulson
2015-06-12 12:51:28 RE: Generation X - Planning by Piper Coulson
2015-06-13 00:45:24 Power Shopping? by Basil Fletcher
2015-06-13 16:22:02 RE: Power Shopping? by Piper Coulson
2016-03-01 09:04:43 Congratulations Adwulf! by Piper Coulson
2016-03-31 09:37:14 RE: Power Shopping? by Harrison Starkweather

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