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May 2014
Best Dressed Novel Award
Best Dressed Award

Enter Escavala, a mercantile port city of stone temples and piazzas, canals and palazzos, all dominated by the criminal underworld. Corrupt politicians, secret societies, guilds and crime-lords rule, employing pirates, whores, thieves, alchemists, and assassins to carry out their machinations. Even scholars, artists, architects, gondoliers, and beggars are enlisted as spies.

Escavala is a decadent city-state powered by a clockwork of espionage, intrigue and confidence games. All who do business here do not do so lightly. No door under lock and key cannot be opened for a price. No cloak or corset is without a concealed stiletto or pistol. Power means corruption. Favours mean debt. Secrets mean blackmail. In the struggle for leverage in an age of enlightenment and discovery, only the canny and unscrupulous survive.

Phantasmagoria is a clockpunk-style novel that fuses light horror with high intrigue. The setting is very similar to Venice, in aesthetic. It will fuse the fantastical and the mundane into a sweeping epic of adventure, drama and more.

It is not uncommon in the setting to see a lot of DaVinci-esque machinery and gadgets, including automatons and even clockwork pets. Likewise there are aether-powered devices and magical or alchemical things in the mix, but it sometimes finds itself frowned upon by certain sects.

Learn about the Geography, and meet our characters at the Dramatis Personæ.

Phantasmagoria's date today is:Apr 13th 1820AD

Further Information:

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