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The secrets of our time are heavily guarded. Some wish to drink from the Fountain of Knowledge for their own gain, while the wise wish to find the Fountain of Memory to help all. The Sons of Mithras guard both but their ranks dwindle, and the society is crumbling under the ruthless pressure of their enemies who will stop at nothing to find the immense treasure guarded by the followers of Mithras.

The Order of Calatrava is vast and powerful. Their war spans centuries and they will stop at nothing until Mithras is nothing but a distant legend.

Join us and remember - to find what we seek we must first forget all…

Our story begins in 1499. The Kingdom of Naples is threatened by France and Aragon and soon it will fall. The Sons of Mithras attempt to delay the inevitable but are outnumbered by the Order of Calatrava. With their plans failing, the Sons of Mithras must regroup and develop a brand new plan for survival.

Those who drank from the Fountain find themselves in the present, their memories suppressed. Some are more sensitive to them than others until a mysterious discovery in the Valle di Munin brings them together.

The Raven’s Fountain is a historical fantasy set in 1499 Southern France, Naples and Catalonia. The novel was inspired by the show, Da Vinci’s Demons, the historical Sons of Mithras and the Order of Calatrava, as well as Greek, Roman and Norse mythology. Our novel will run two parallel stories: one set in the 15th Century, and another set in the present. All are welcome to join us!

It's currently the month of June in the years 1499 and 2014.

The Raven's Fountain's date today is:Jul 6th 1499AD

Further Information:

Ilia de Tourvel:  What a fantastic concept! :) ...View
Arianna Tzannetakis:  Bravo to you all! Love this! ...View
Petra Blackwell:  Congratulations Jean! Good job!...View
Jean Philippe de Bourbon:  ...View
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