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New York City is as much a character as any of the writers. This is a novel devoted to the Big Apple - those who love her, those who hate her and those who are just trying to make it through.

The city is full of people with different perspectives, so just about any character is welcome, but keep it real. This is life in the City in the here and now. Into magic? Be a modern day pagan or practitioner. Historical fantasy your thing? Be a Renfaire participant. You get the idea. Bring your personal style to the City - we have room.


New York City Information.

Citidex-Tons of information alphabetized! happening around NYC

Ask Tatiana-Got an NYC based question you can't find the answer to?

Posting Time and Period: From now until June: Valentine's, St. Pat's, the spring religious holidays, Spring

Novel and Character Honors

March 2014 Panhistoria Featured Character: Jon May
March 2014 Contemporary Genre Feature Novel: Applesauce
March 2014 Contemporary Genre Featured Post: It Never Makes Sense by Adam Sparrow
March 2014 Contempory Genre Featured Character: Liaus Horatius
April 2014 Contempory Genre Featured Character:Thomas Keene
July 2014 Contemporary Genre Featured Character:Chase McEvans
September 2014 Genre Featured Post Tattoo Virgin Aggie Saunders Smith

Applesauce's date today is:Apr 14th 2014AD

Further Information:

If you haven't created a character for this novel, you will only be able to read the novel. You must be contributing character before you can add to the story

Latest Novel Posting:

2014-12-23 17:59:48 A Beautiful Mess by Emily Dinsmoore
2014-12-28 06:55:16 Nerves on top of nerves by Chase McEvans
2014-12-28 07:06:13 (Michael) Memories by Chase McEvans
2014-12-29 18:14:36 I Love You by Leith Hart
2014-12-29 18:58:13 Interview by Alexander Pilche
2014-12-30 05:53:47 Looking Forward to a Bright New Year by Aggie Saunders Smith
2015-01-06 14:53:33 The Call by Sasha Swarofski
2015-01-09 16:00:37 Chapter 2: Fusion by Tatiana D Ilyinskaya
2015-01-09 16:01:38 Can't Get Rid of Christmas Fast Enough by Tatiana D Ilyinskaya
2015-01-09 16:28:13 Life is serious, but it shouldn't be taken seriously by Karen
2015-01-09 16:56:56 It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas! by Jon May
2015-01-09 19:45:29 We Are Family! by Aggie Saunders Smith
2015-01-12 12:56:15 Smile! You're on Candid Camera by Tatiana D Ilyinskaya
2015-01-13 17:07:30 New Things on the Horizon by Alexander Pilche
2015-01-13 17:15:41 So Say We All by Laura K Roslin
2015-01-13 18:00:07 What was I thinking? by Aggie Saunders Smith
2015-01-13 18:28:16 Yes by Alexander Pilche
2015-01-15 13:51:25 A New Adventure by Ellie
2015-01-21 20:08:36 Weathering Rose by Emily Dinsmoore
2015-01-29 15:47:36 Rookie Move by Emily Dinsmoore
Latest Story Board Posting:

2014-11-14 07:21:32 Holiday Season NEW YORK Style!! Begins.... by Liaus Horatius
2014-12-03 00:55:18 RE: Sorry by Aggie Saunders Smith
2014-12-06 14:36:41 RE: Sorry by Leith Hart
2014-12-08 10:04:52 RE: Sorry by Arainnah Coraline
2014-12-11 10:02:16 Holiday things to do by Ciaran Padraig O hOgain
2015-01-08 14:40:35 5 minute drone video of all 5 boroughs by Tatiana D Ilyinskaya
2015-01-29 10:44:52 CurMudgeons and New York, it's like a Bagel with Cream's pure POETRY !! by Liaus Horatius
2015-03-09 06:46:29 Oldest extant film of NYC by Tatiana D Ilyinskaya
2015-04-08 10:05:53 NEW YORK NEWS: ‘Mad Men’ street signs ordered taken down by cranky DOT officials by Liaus Horatius
2016-04-05 05:40:25 Celebrate Deep Dish Pizza day in NEW YAWK ?!? by Liaus Horatius
Latest Planning Board Posting:

2015-01-08 13:57:00 RE: Where Did the MoBs Go? by Tatiana D Ilyinskaya
2015-01-08 14:02:15 RE: Chapters by Ellie
2015-01-08 14:06:37 RE: Chapters by Queen B
2015-01-08 14:10:02 RE: Where Did the MoBs Go? by Queen B
2015-01-15 13:16:36 Arainnah Coraline: are you staying at Applesauce by Ciaran Padraig O hOgain
2015-01-21 06:07:39 RE: Arainnah Coraline: are you staying at Applesauce by Arainnah Coraline
2015-03-06 12:00:26 RE: Arainnah Coraline: are you staying at Applesauce by Ciaran Padraig O hOgain
2015-04-29 07:52:45 RE: Arainnah Coraline: are you staying at Applesauce by Queen B
2015-06-01 11:03:00 to Queen B by Ciaran Padraig O hOgain
2015-06-24 17:16:42 RE: to Queen B by Queen B

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