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Much suspected by me,
Nothing proved can be.

Elizabeth I is said to have written this upon a window during her house-arrest at Woodstock. In essence, there is a truth to these words; certain things were suspected of her character, but proof could not be put to the suspicion. She overcame the obstacles put before her; she survived Bloody Mary’s reign, surpassed the Babington Plot, and defeated the Spanish Armada, among other things.

In a world dominated by male influence, she never married. She thought of herself as married unto her country and the mother of her people, and became known as the Virgin Queen. With a strong heart and a strong mind, she led her people into a Golden Age, and is fondly remembered as Good Queen Bess and Gloriana.

This is a tale of the good queen’s life, a retelling of one of the greatest monarchs this world has ever seen. This is the story of Elizabeth Regina, Queen of England.

March 1557
Thursday 6
Posts: 15-19
Morning Posts: 15
Afternoon Posts: 16-17
Evening Posts: 18
Night Posts: 19
C1 Timeline: The Crumbling Queen - March 1557
C1 Timeline: The Crumbling Queen - 1557
It is 1557, and Mary I has had a less-than-pleasing reign. Her short four has seen a civil war and a short-lived rebellion led by Sir Thomas Wyatt the Younger. Mary, a devout Catholic, refers to the reformation as a heresy and sought the death of her half-sister Elizabeth.

It seems as though Elizabeth would indeed succeed her half-sister, but Philip of Spain has returned to England, and Mary continuously prays that she becomes with child.

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Elizabeth R's date today is:Apr 14th 1557AD

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