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The lovely graphic above from a fabulous
Celtic Women album; how appropriate, yes?

Following the Desmond rebellions between 1569 and 1583, Elizabeth I proclaimed a solution to the Irish problem. She would extend royal government to the entire country and strip the lands from any chieftain who refused to bow the knee to English rule. This solution did not sit well with the Irish Lords and Chiefs.

In 1595 Hugh O'Neill, a descendant of ancient Ireland high kings who had been elevated to the earldom of Tyrone, made the decision to join a rebellion against this proclamation, a rebellion which had already been in progress since 1593 begun by young, foretold savior of Ireland, Red Hugh O'Donnell. O'Neil had waited two unsettling years in Tyrone, watching young O'Donnell rage against the English, as he swept through Ulster and drove out the English sheriffs.

By 1598, O'Neil and O'Donnel with their joined forces and eventually defeated the English armies under the command of Sir Henry Baganal at the Battle of The Yellow Ford, near Armagh in Southern Ireland. A victory that did not please the English courts.

This is where our story begins.

Upon the worn-torn fields that surround Castle McCone, two weeks after the Yellow Ford where Elisabeth McCone resides fighting to keep her home. Lisa stands to lose everything, including the home of her ancestors. If she does not take a husband by her 18th birthday, the Castle and all the surrounding lands will fall to her mother's brother-in-law and his most recent wife. The only way to prevent this from happening, Lisa must marry the man she was betrothed to when she was but a babe, a man she has never met, who even now is on his way from France to claim her hand in marriage, along with her lands. As much as she dreads the coming marriage, Lisa knows it is the only way to save that which she holds dearest. Her home, her family's history; her - Kindred Blood.

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Kindred Blood's date today is:Apr 14th 1598AD

Further Information:

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