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Evolution is the natural order. Those who seek to constrain it only hinder nature. To strangle the process of evolution is unconscionable, and yet you so-called 'normal' humans insist upon it. You register us. You watch us. You force us to describe our abilities to you, and you imprison and destroy those you deem too dangerous. But know this: you have been made… obsolete. You are no longer required, and now we will claim our freedom.

'Darwin', leader of the Brotherhood

With the rise in genetic mutation over the last twenty years, tensions with the mutated have grown. In the summer of 2035, those tensions culminated in the Registration Act, which required all citizens of the United States to submit to testing. Those with genetic mutations are registered and classified under the code ‘Meta.'

This legislation has further incensed the terrorist organization known as Darwin's Brotherhood, a group best known for a series of bombings on metahuman research facilities over the past two years. Their mysterious leader has put a call out to all metahumans: join us, and reclaim your liberties.

Chief among the dangers to our society are the men we once thought ordinary, the ones who masquerade as average humans, who have inside them the power to destroy our way of life.

Gabriel Bourdelain

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