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July 2011
Best Dressed Novel Award
Best Dressed Award

Panda Bronze Medal

It is the 19th Millennium of Man.

There are those who would have you believe that these nineteen millennia have been full of undiluted progress. Unrestricted, unparalleled, and wholly beneficial Progress.

They'd be lying, of course.

Pardon. The correct phraseology would be "They are historically inaccurate". Mustn't risk hurting anyone's sensibilities with 'politically incorrect' language, after all.

Man, you see, just can't seem to let bad enough alone. He always has to 'tinker' with things. 'Improve' things. Inventions. Other life forms. Himself.

And that would be the problem. Nineteen Millenniums of Man. And for at least seventeen of them, he has taken it upon himself to play God with his own genome. Oh, with all the 'best intentions', you see. Of course. To cure birth defects and genetic diseases. Fair enough, one might suppose. By and large, completely successful.

But it didn't stop there. In between the wars – first terrestrial, then intra-solar, then interstellar – that caused Civilization to nearly extinguish itself so many times, scientists and medical researchers succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. Over time, the results seemed to validate the avenues explored. The common cold – eradicated. Leukemia – a bad dream. Cancer still occurred, but was as easily treated as removing a mole. A millennium beyond that, cancer became as much of an historical footnote as all the rest of the diseases conquered by medical science.

Man just couldn't leave his genome alone. It wasn't enough to eradicate birth defects and conquer disease. Man wanted more. And more. And yet more. Over the millennia the genetic manipulations fed man's desire for longer life. Physical perfection, inside and out. Designing one's children down to the last detail.

Designing different variations of Man. Some who did not bear any outward resemblance to Homo Sapiens Sapiens, but whose genetic structure told otherwise. Still Man, though some took on aspects more reminiscent of those genuine alien races we met and interacted with.

This was the beginning of the end, though we did not realize it at the time. It crept upon us slowly, so insidiously, that we were dying before we understood what was going on.

We'd genegineered ourselves for destruction, and found ourselves ready to clutch at any straw, no matter how fanciful, that would reverse the results of our hubris.

Which is where the Interstellar Geographic Society came in…

All members are encouraged to add their ideas, suggestions and wishes on the New Concepts and Ideas planning thread. There is also a thread set up where Resources may be found that will be of use to writers in building our worlds.

As we have chosen not to have the novel purged, previous InterGeo storylines can still be found here although they will no longer be added to.

The Voyage Begins
With the help of several stellar nations working in conjunction, the Interstellar Geographic Society is beginning to reach out in a major effort to explore all that Man has claimed as his own.

The Great Diaspora
Chronicling the human race's first great drive beyond its immediate environs, finding and settling new worlds.

Featured Novel in the
Pan Historian Exploration Edition, December 2005

Interstellar Geographic's date today is:Apr 14th 2700AD

Further Information:

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