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This is a development storyboard for a new Fantasy World being developed in conjunction with a tabletop miniatures game. Its a place for playtesters, developers, and others to give suggestions and feedback to expand and improve the new world.

A Competition Between Cities's date today is:Sep 22nd 0AD

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If you haven't created a character for this novel, you will only be able to read the novel. You must be contributing character before you can add to the story

Latest Novel Posting:

2013-05-19 19:07:01 An Unexpected Obligation or Another Day in Renhommish by Tised the Wanderer
2013-06-09 18:06:29 Excitement in Vortibras, pt1 by Tised the Wanderer
2013-07-24 20:45:19 Excitement in Vortibras, pt2 by Tised the Wanderer
Latest Story Board Posting:

2013-05-11 12:11:15 Welcome by Tised the Wanderer
2013-05-12 10:36:05 The City of Renhommish by Tised the Wanderer
2013-05-13 21:54:41 The City of Vortibras by Tised the Wanderer
2014-02-11 20:14:25 The Tower of Morstaden and Surrounding Communities by Tised the Wanderer
Latest Planning Board Posting:

There are no planning board posts for this novel yet.

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