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Tales of the Clockwork Empire Novel

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The Franco-Prussian War has just ended. Steam and aether powered mechanisms rule the day. London, Paris, Berlin, Moscow, and New York are the centers of the new culture and its inventions. The British Empire and Imperial Russia are entangled in "The Great Game" while France and Germany continue to feud without open warfare.

Technology and inventions draw much attention, yet there is an undercurrent of magic and the supernatural, subtly influencing events and shaping much of what happens. Where the dividing line between magic ends and technology begins is blurred at best. Rumors flow as scientists, inventors, and mages strive to push boundaries and create new miracles. At the same time, tycoons, and politicians seek to expand their power as fortunes are made, lost, and made again. New lands are explored as adventurers seek out territory, wealth, knowledge, and fame.

Tales of the Clockwork Empire is open by application. The application can be found here along with detailed instructions.

Tales of the Clockwork Empire's date today is:Apr 14th 1880-1910AD

Further Information:

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Latest Novel Posting:

2016-08-16 14:06:18 (Skies over Europe, 1881) A Twist of the Knife by Darciana Hemmingway
2016-08-22 06:19:45 (Algiers,Algeria 1881) Whose Revolution Is This Anyway? by Axle Cogbender
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2016-08-30 03:21:32 (London, England: 1881) The Lost Rivers of London by Emerald
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2016-08-30 05:58:04 (London, England: 1881) The Gunpowder Plot by Emerald
2017-02-02 22:41:30 (Skies over Europe, 1881) A Precarious Perch by Charles Mannering
2017-02-14 03:36:23 (London, England: March, 1883) A Quiet Homecoming by J Sprocket Stemwinder
2017-03-20 21:08:07 (Bedfordshire 1881) In Which We Pack at Cocksnade by Constance Culpepper
2017-07-13 14:36:48 RE: (London, England: July, 1883) A Break in the Routine by J Sprocket Stemwinder
2017-07-25 20:08:00 (Oran, French Algeria, May.1884) Where Do We Go From Here? by Mainline Monty McGurk
2017-08-07 01:14:13 (Western Mediterranean Sea, May, 1884) Something Strange Yet Still Familiar by Mainline Monty McGurk
2017-08-12 14:19:22 (Western Mediterranean Sea, May, 1884) Memories From the Jungles of South America by Mainline Monty McGurk
2017-10-08 12:24:45 (London, England: July, 1883) Letters Passing Like Ships In The Night by J Sprocket Stemwinder
2018-02-06 17:51:15 (TenĊchtitlan 1881) Family Business by Mahuizticcihuatl
2018-03-21 21:01:20 (London, England: July. 1883) Something in the way of a Distraction by J Sprocket Stemwinder
2018-04-16 17:39:52 (London, England: July. 1883) Impulsive and Foolhardy Men by Elyn Blackmore
2018-04-16 18:41:45 (London, England: July. 1883) Welcome Home Elyn by J Sprocket Stemwinder
2018-04-16 19:47:37 (London, England: July. 1883) Welcome Indeed by Elyn Blackmore
2018-04-17 12:24:33 RE: (London, England: July. 1883) Welcome Indeed by J Sprocket Stemwinder
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2015-04-02 01:06:07 Congratulations to February's and March's Panda People by Emerald
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2016-06-10 12:04:14 RE: It's Almost Parade Time by Constance Culpepper
2016-06-10 19:44:28 RE: It's Almost Parade Time by J Sprocket Stemwinder
2016-06-11 08:44:04 RE: It's Almost Parade Time by Constance Culpepper
2017-03-09 13:41:54 My favorite song right now :-p by Darciana Hemmingway
Latest Planning Board Posting:

2016-05-07 14:41:31 RE: Welcome Luigi Szabo by Luigi Szabo
2016-05-08 01:36:20 RE: Welcome Luigi Szabo by Emerald
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2016-07-06 05:48:44 Welcome Mahuizticcihuatl by J Sprocket Stemwinder

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