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Celestina de Valcastro

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Magick, a great and powerful force, burns deep within the universe itself. It has created and destroyed many things, and is the reason for the existence of supernatural races: Werewolves, Witches, Vampyres, and the Immortalis Scabiem. But it even dwells within the very souls belonging to the humans, and only few men are chosen to learn its secrets.

It's neither good nor bad and never chooses a side; rather, it is up to those who wield it. Magick leads those who seek it on many paths, each different and unique to the seeker. What is your path to take?
Monday 7 January 2013
Total Posts: 41-44
Today's Moon: Waning Crescent
Morning Posts: 41-43
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Evening Posts: 44
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Our Story So Far:
The Order of Lleu Llaw Gyffes has gathered for a meeting at their headquarters in Nottinghamshire, England. They are investigating claims of the resurrections of old Immortalis and Vampyre enemies, and it has warranted a visit by Celestina. The Order is attempting to keep these events secret while they work on solving the problem. Meanwhile, the deposed Kilian Nassau is traveling through the UK, gathering recruits and locating Magickal objects to help with his cause.

Within the city of New Orleans, a young Witch and her twin are guided by their ancestor Marie Laveau. Under Marie's instructions, Lola has discovered a quartz crystal belonging to a long-dead Witch from the Crescent City.

The McCray family is gathering in a small Virginian town. Alucard first joined Rowena and Roisin, but from the Scottish Highlands, Maeve suspects something will soon happen. Meanwhile, Keely has visions of her imprisoned twin Corin.
Total Members | 29
Immortalis Scabiem | 6
Witches | 7
Vampyres | 1
Werewolves | 2
Hybrids | 12
Humans | 1
Celestina, informally known as Cel, is the original MoB of Magick. As its creator, she is able to help with all sorts of things. When in character, Cel is an ancient and powerful Immortalis.
Ahmina is the newest MoB, recruited to help revive the novel after its long hiatus. She can help with graphics and other general stuff. When in character, Ahmina is an Immortalis.
Featured for Saturday 5 January 2013
Featured Writer:
Featured Posts:
(Anglesey, Wales) The Wise Woman by SEARA O'CORNYN
(Virginia, US) A Sudden Visit by ALUCARD MCCRAY
(New York, US) Before the Gods by AHMINA RAJHAAD
(Scottish Highlands) Vision of the Future by KEELY
Magick is an open novel but is registered as close. This means that you must fill out an application and be admitted by a MoB. A full biography is not required, nor is a writing sample at this time. All we ask for is as many sentences as necessary to give us an idea of your storyline and to determine whether or not you understand our setting.

Please note that admission is not guaranteed. We want to ensure that our novel stays as close to our plot as possible. By accepting anyone who does not understand our world, even in the slightest, we can end up hindering the work of our writers. We do not want that, at all. We suggest you take advantage of the information in the Story Boards and read some novel posts to see how we shaped the novel. Links to both are on the dj, and if you do not have time to read through the novel boards, you may use Magickal Summaries as a resource, which summarizes the chapters.

We are more than willing to help you create your character and adjust them to fit our plot, so you may want to contact a MoB prior to sending in your application.The thread Character Creation may also be of help. It contains guides on how to create your character for Magick.

If your application doesn't fit our plot, we will contact you and give you a chance to make the necessary adjustments to your storyline.

Do not make a godlike character. While certain characters will of course be more powerful than others through strength, gifts, and magickal abilities, do not overdo it. Remember that a character's abilities depends on their age and experience, especially for Witches and the Immortalis. All characters have their own unique limitations and all-powerful characters are not welcome!
Design by Jesslyn.
Both stock images used in this design are by faestock. They are: Dusk6 and Briar - sitting pose reference 5.

Do not create any new threads. If you have an idea for one, contact an MoB.

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Magick's date today is:Apr 14th 2013CE

Further Information:

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