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2145, at the edge of the known universe, technology and scientific advancements have propelled man, not only across space, but through time—and the ability to travel to the past. The controversy now stands, as to why go to the past at all? What will be accomplished in doing so, knowing that those who travel back in time could alter the future? What would be the repercussions if such “time travel” expanded too far into the past? The time-travel device, “The Canopy”, developed by scientists, was quickly confiscated and concealed by the military. The scientists, denied access to their device, secretly recreated another, far more advanced “Canopy”.

This new “Canopy” is able to stretch back beyond the limited, one to two decades, and is now being used to plunder far into the past for monetary gain.

That first significant jump back to 1665, altered the “time-line”. Locating the connecting “Canopy” in the past, is vital to a secret mission known only to a few members of the Interstellar Centurion Corporation, aware of the bend in time that changed everything, three years before. Their task, find and destroy that “Canopy”.

The Canopy Pirates's date today is:May 8th 2145CE

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