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One of historical "what if" stories that begs to be told is this alternative history of Anne Boleyn. In the world we know, Anne did--tragically--"miscarry of her savior" which gave Jane Seymour the perfect chance to work her ooooooohhhh so very feminine and docile ways upon Henry. That set the stage for Anne's eventual disgrace and execution under false charges made by her ever-roaming husband, the King.

But here, in our story, the boy lives and thrives and Anne is triumphant. Edward VI is not the muley, sickish brat that Jane bore but a healthy, happy baby that has one very important historic impact that changes utterly the future of England: there would now be no question of Mary or Elizabeth becoming Queen. No Bloody Mary, no attempt to bring England back to the Catholic fold and equally as important: Elizabeth as Gloriana would not happen. She (like her older sister Mary) will, in this alternative history, be used as a pawn on the marriage board to insure the best set of alliances possible for her brother the future King.

All of the players of the autumn of 1541 are there to be written -- the same in personality, ultimate goals, family relationships -- all exist as they did on the day of Anne's confinement with that one, vital little twist. The challenge for those who write here is to build the world that would have followed on that ooohh so deceptively simple alteration of one fact...

The Most Happy's date today is:Apr 14th 1541AD

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